Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A portrait in Tyrol


Above images - top: the cover of the book "Geschichte der Kirche in Tirol" by Josef Gelmi, publishing house Athesia. Below: at page 364 there's the image of a picture in a Tyrolean church. Caption: "Three Roman soldiers playing dice [to get] the dress of Christ, the heads of the soldiers are carrying portraits. The central figure is to be identified as prince chancellor of the reign Otto von Bismarck. Picture in the church of the Vinzentinums at Brixen (an excerpt) by painter A. Steiner von Felsburg."

"....Stoecker continued to draw significant crowds because of his Christian Social Gospel and Jewish Question sermons and speeches, remaining an influential figure both in the socialist movement and the growing anti-Semitic movement. Stoecker died on February 2, 1909 in Bozen Gries (German pronunciation: [ˈboːtsən griːəs]), South Tyrol, Austria-Hungary.....".


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1862: a trip in Vatican

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