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28 JUNE 1914 - Berlin-Baghdad Railway is dead.


I cannot do a post as usual. The Swines don’t allow to me to access to the addresses necessary to write this article. What did I have intention to do?


Well, the article you could read and will never read would be opened by a video, a short video of my little railroad layout. [If you want to see it please go to the address: 
title: “Museumszug in Nowhereland – I”].

This would be intro, I am railroad modeller fanatic, especially German Austrian of age from I to early III. The train would have introduced the argument especially because is a steam train, with passengers cars of early XX century in the administration of early twenties. The steam loco is a Prussian one used to push heavy trains on mountains lines, lines like the ones through the…..: BALKANS.

Then I would have putted the picture of the assassinated archduke ranz Ferdinand of Austria, he was in fact assassinated in the BALKANS, precisely Sarajevo.

Then I would have presented the core of the article, the Wikipedia page on the causes of the First World Conflict, the….:

Berlin-Baghdad Railway

I would have explained how the usual historical explanations are tricks to avoid the true cause of the first conflict. This project of railway would have signed for ever the unity of the Catholic Austria with Protestant Prussia, with a predominance of Protestant Prussia. It would have signed the definitive denial by the Hapsburgs to the orders of the Jesuits and Vatican to fight to death the Northern ‘heretics’, the German cousins of Berlin. Super-Catholics Hapsburg would have said the farewell to the dream of Counter Reformation of the Jesuits as the perspective of a joining of forces of both German opposite worlds in the Balkans would have gained more profits and development for both Austria and Prussia than a fratricidal war in the name of the “principles of the papacy”. Then they would joined the Ottoman empire carrying there dangerous liberal ‘infection’.

I then would have ended repeating what I just told. Hapsburg, being a Catholic dynasty, had the right to interfere  with the elections of the popes in Vatican and this is “anathema” for the papal infallibility ordered by the evil Jesuits. I would have remarked that this is one of the principal causes of the disappearing of the Catholic dynasties, to avoid secular ingerences in Vatican which would have kicked the Jesuits.

Then I would have remarked what just told year ago, that Hapsburg being successor of the emperors, enjoyed a greater privilege on the papacy than the usual one enjoyed by usual Catholic dynasties. They had the RIGHT OF IMPRIMATUR to every new pope, just see the Barbarossa’s etc. history.

Therefore that railroad represented the end of the Vatican and of the Jesuits, therefore they had to gather the opposite economical interests in the world in order to create a war based on economical presumptions but with a religious goal.

I would have ended the article with the second video “Museumszug in Nowhereland – II” at URL:

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