Thursday, October 25, 2012

"It is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest". Another admission of the truth?


     An admission of the truth? A masonic signal of accordance to the Jesuits? Significantly after the war Great Britain lost the empire. In any case the words have been thought having in mind the after-war , to create in the mind of few people, aware of the immense power of the gentile Jesuit/Vatican tyranny, a common sense of martyrdom and therefore of sanctity for both Hitler and the Jesuit order.

     If the Tavistock institute is famous for having allegedly "brainwashed Hitler", maybe his best work of psychiatric mass brainwash is to make you believe he manipulated the mind of Hitler meanwhile he manipulates yours....

"...........In 1972 Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (head of Wehrmacht Soviet Intelligence) revealed that Bormann had been a Soviet spy, a view shared by many top Nazi generals and officials including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General who knew Bormann well. "Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone," Berger testified at Nuremberg. (McGovern, 181)

The implications are staggering. Remember what Winston Churchill said. "This war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145)..........."


     See the Stalin's alleged biological father, of course a..... Rotschild. Any similarity with the alleged "Jewish" father of Hitler, another "Rotschild"?.... But doesn't it resemble another pattern?.....Maybe another fine psychiatric manipulation by Tavistock Institute?.... In any case the Institute and Churchill lived and worked in the same city....:

 ".......The news is filled this morning with the story of the passing of Stalin's only child, Svetlana. What is not being mentioned is who her grandfather was.

Greg Hallett writes -

Baron Edmond de Rothschild loved to travel overseas on the family
yacht. From France to the Caucasus, the yacht stopped on the shores
of the Black Sea, then he travelled by land in his palanquin across the
Republic of Georgia, resting up with the wealthy Georgian-Jewish wine
merchant Prince Yakov Egnatashvili. Edmond was a well-known wine
connoisseur and his family owned the world’s finest vineyards and only
wanted to expand.

Bored, but happy with his sailing; exhausted by his land travels, but
elated by his stylish arrival; Baron Edmond de Rothschild got drunk with
his business associate, spilt wine all over his shirt and went down to the
. The disillusioned wife of a cobbler, with two dead sons, Katerine
Dzhugashvili (22) helped Edmond (32) off with his shirt and the two
conceived a child on top of the warm copper one winter’s evening.
“sensual and sensitive opportunism” may then have became a pattern for
the entire time Baron Edmond was at Prince Yakov Egnatashvili’s estate.

A child was conceived – the God-sent third son – and named Iosef
Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, with the nickname ‘Soso’.
By the time
Stalin turned six, his father began to notice a lack of resemblance and
took to the drink. They moved nine times in ten years, his business went
downhill, and he moved away from the family when Stalin was 12.



    ".....And went down to the laundry..". Damn, how many details. Did the baron a confession on the death's bed? 
    Or went they video-[porno]-taped? 
    Pardon, at those times video technology was hidden only in the mind of Tesla or few other scientists. 
    Maybe here it was at work only the fantasy of a novel-writer.....

    "........And the two conceived a child on top of the warm copper one winter’s evening".

  ......And seven years of Stalin's study at Jesuit seminary has been destroyed by a secret so much secret that no one is able to keep secret..... But maybe also here it is possible to trace down the origin of the perfidy of a Tavistock Institute, maybe in the silent rooms of the Vatican or of the Curia Generalizia....

See Troy's blog:


WiNSToN CHuRCHiLL, FReeMaSoN FROM 1901-1965

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