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Polish riots in Silesia, Lutheran support to Nazis, Frederic the Great [-Jesuit servant] etc....


"..........In 1763, after the end of the devastating Seven Years' War, most of the monarchs of Europe began to pressure Pope Clement XIII to outlaw the Jesuit firebrands. The Pope feared for his life and was not anxious to meet St. Peter. Finally in 1773, Pope Clement XIV took the fateful step and banned them permanently and perpetually. The Bull of Suppression was put into effect in Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

"Protestant" Frederick gave those banned firebrands a sanctuary in his kingdom:

So much has been written on the conduct of Frederick the Great and Catherine in patronising the Jesuits that we do not share the astonishment of contemporaries. In his correspondence with the free thinker D'Alembert at Paris, Frederick lightly advances one reason after another for his action. He scouted D'Alembert's warnings. The Pope had "pared the claws" of the dangerous animals; he had "cut off the tails of the foxes," and they could not again carry torches into the cornfields of the Philistines. On the other hand, they were excellent teachers, and it was immaterial to Frederick what orders the Pope gave about their costume and domestic arrangements. Pressed more seriously, he pleaded that when he annexed Silesia he had solemnly pledged himself to respect the religious status quo, and he was bound in honour to leave the Jesuits there, since they were part of the situation he had sworn to respect. (McCabe, A Candid History of the Jesuits, pp.364-365).

Catherine II of Russia also protected them and Hitler repaid that kindness by invading Russia in 1941..........".
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Well, I don't agree with everything written in the below page, especially the judgement on Bismarck which seems similar to the one of Jesuits, but it is very helpful to understand the key questions, without to let be distracted by opportunely launched smoke clouds. The 27th January is coming and some considerations on history are under your eyes. It is a well confirmed fact the predominantly Lutheran based vote to Nazis in Germany, and this appears clearly a reaction from the losses of territories after WWI.:

Above image -"Who voted for Hitler?" is asking the author of "News that Matters". Answer: but the ones that had to be exterminated together with the Jews!:

German Reich inherited many territories with Polish people as larger majority of them. "Ok, so let's them to form a country: Poland", you could righteously say. But in the middle there were two questions, the national and especially the religious. The Silesia Uprising after WWI were the principal fuel to push the German Lutherans on the side of the anti-Slavic Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler and to express it for the first time with a vote. From here you understand that the very-very masterwork of the Continuing Counter Reformation was that alchemical, magical transformation of the religious elements of the religious war in ethnic elements of the national war, where the elimination of the undesired element (Protestant especially Lutheran) would have occurred via a national chemistry. After the discarded element would have been forgotten, finally the remaining ones could return to their original religious form. A fact that seems to happen here in Amber Path South/Pannonia, with the apparent dismantling of the Lavantine [Maribor] archishopric....

Well, this work of transformation of the elements requires even centuries. But we can now have at disposition an approximately precise date of beginning, the date of the rising to power of Frederick the Great. The "Prussian aggressive attitude" which became legendary, was only a masque for the "Jesuit aggressive attitude". Frederick, protector of Masons and Jesuits, was the tool used NOT for a direct destruction of his Protestant reign, but in a keen way, then repeated by the Austrian Roman Catholic Hitler: to induce, with a thirsty of conquest, to annex large territories which in the future will became the trigger for an inner/external destabilzation.

Jesuits with their enlightenment movement were starting to build the nationalism as weapon to destroy the secular universalism of the empires. The trick was to instigate those empires and reigns in to conquer new lands and in to treat them in a manner from which later, as result, ethnic hate would be created, and from where the rising nationalism could only to gain the necessary alibi to exist. They did it with the Austrian conquest of North Italy after the Council of Vienna, and this is not a my idea, other more illustrious authors underlined those post-Napoleonic Austrian conquests as a trap from where Hapsburg would have later obtained only instability for their empire.

I agree with the affirmation that Frederick the Great was a sort of "Hitler":

"........While Kingdom of Prussia already possessed large Polish population in Upper Silesia, it gained additional Polish citizens during the partitions of Poland. From the beginnings of Prussian rule Poles were subject to a series of measures aimed against them and their culture; Polish language was abolished as official language and German introduced[7].Prussian ruler Frederick the Great who hated[8] and despised[9] Poles hoped to replace them with Germans[7] Prussian officials who spread German language and culture often despised Poles, who were portrayed as 'backward Slavs'.[7] Lands of Polish nobility were confiscated and given to German nobles.[7] German colonists were settled[7].....
The War of the Fourth Coalition between Napoleonic France and Kingdom of Prussia gave hope to the Polish inhabitants of Greater Poland of recovering their independence and ending oppressive Prussian rule.

Napoleon, counting on the benefits of gaining control over lands on the other side of Prussia, sent a group of emissaries to South Prussia to collect information about the situation in the province and the sympathies of the Polish citizens. On 20 September 1806 the emperor issued orders to form a new division from Polish deserters from the Prussian army. There were so many that two days later, Napoleon decided to form a second division.

The open conflict between France and Prussia ensured that Prussia could only maintain a small number of troops in Greater Poland. Moreover, a large portion of those soldiers were Polish nationals. This caused a great deal of trouble for Prussian commanders; for instance, between 1 November and 20 December, 3000 Polish troops (1/7th) deserted from the Toruń Corps.

The low morale of Germans contributed to the French victory at the battle of Jena-Auerstedt.


And was important that Hitler (Jesuit puppet) the same could enforce in front of the eyes of everything the equation: Hitler = Frederick of Prussia, in order then to have no more ideological obstacles to the complete, total annihilation of Lutheranism (URL of excerpt below):

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).
Adolf Hitler (1889 -1945).
Führer from 1933 to 1945.

King Frederick II was the role model for Adolf Hitler.
In their lust for conquest, both men started a world war.
Minister for Propaganda Joseph Goebbels presented Hitler with a portrait of his hero Frederick II on his 50th birthday.

Hitler was presented with a portrait of his hero on his 50th birthday.

But as every good Jesuit knows, for every Hitler you must have a Stalin. In this case it appeared with some years of delay. The "Stalin" of Frederick/Hitler was the Jesuit supported Napoleone Bonaparte.

Both Frederick and Napoleon were under the Jesuit influence and represented the perfect dialectical game of opponents. All that would have reappeared after the end of the first world conflict, with the Polish insurrections against Germany. And keenly used by Rome to hide her Roman Catholic ecumenism (National Socialism) with the sufficient quantity of Lutheran color in the form of electoral consent, gained in a climate of fear and reciprocal ethnic hate with the Poles:

".......The Greater Poland Uprising of 1918–1919, or Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918–1919 (Polish: powstanie wielkopolskie 1918–19 roku; German: Großpolnischer Aufstand) or Posnanian War was a military insurrection of Poles in the Greater Poland region (also called the Grand Duchy of Poznań or Provinz Posen region) against Germany. The uprising had a significant effect on the Treaty of Versailles, which granted a reconstituted Poland the area won by the Polish insurgents plus some additional territory, at the cost of German territory........."


But meanwhile the Lutheranism was destroyed using as alibi this Jesuit geometry of forces of national hate patiently built since the XVIII century, Italy, which acted exactly like those German Pole-hating forces, lost, after the WWII only a very little part of territory, Istria and Dalamatia, after twenty years of implementation of Italian Fascist anti-Slavic hate. But you know why, and the answer is that Italy is the banana republic of Vatican, meanwhile Germany is the Protestant enemy to destroy....

Below, the interesting page about Frederick the Great (also Eric John Phelps said interesting things on him), it is an useful article. It seems written from the point of view of the English imperiallism, which contributed to the destruction of Prussia, I doubt it did it in the name of the "war on Jesuits". But we can close an eye on this (Craig Oxley UHM forum is not the single) and see the rest of the article. Only an answer to it. The Fourth Reich is under your eyes, is the EU. But this time with the Germans only as actors:


Satan's Throne Revealed At Last!!

Satanic plot by the Militia of Zeus and Minerva to resurrect the unholy Roman Empire of Charlemagne exposed!!

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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