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Kurd and Armenian questions as coffin where to bury the Berlin's Congress question?

Above image - "Armenian-populated regions in Anatolia, Western Armenia, and the Transcaucasus before the genocide." - URL:

Please, follow my line of reasoning - I am pondering on it since a long time.

Why is there so much silence on the Kurds' genocide?

I remember that every-time I was asking something, the typical character acting as “wise comrade” was shutting me down answering that " the end of all they had too a dirty past to hide", alluding to the massacres of Christians by the Ottoman empire to which the Kurds took part.

Has been the persecution on the Arab of “Palestine” engineered in order to hide the silent persecution of the Kurds? Leftist and "wise comrades" would not agree with me.....

In this case the disappearing of Christians away from Middle East is not a discover of EJP related to the last years, but something which is carried out since some centuries.

The Islam, under the identity of the Ottoman empire, used also Islamic Kurds to wipe away, with a sequence of massacres, the Assyrian:

The Assyrian people[22] (originally and most commonly known as Assyrians and other later variants of the name, such as; Syriacs, Atorayeh, Ashuriyun, Assouri, Syriac Christians, Suroye/Suryoye,[23] Chaldo-Assyrians, (see names of Syriac Christians) are a distinct ethnic group whose origins lie in ancient Mesopotamia. They are Eastern Aramaic speaking Semites who trace their ancestry back to the Sumero-Akkadian civilisation that emerged in Mesopotamia circa 3500 BC, and in particular to the northern region of the Akkadian lands, which would become known as Assyria by the 23rd Century BC. The Assyrian nation existed as an independent state, and often a powerful empire, from the 23rd century BC until the end of the 7th century BC. Today that ancient territory is part of several nations; Assyria was ruled as an occupied province under the rule of various empires from the late 7th century BC until the mid 7th century AD when it was dissolved, and the Assyrian people have gradually become a minority in their homelands since that time. They are indigenous to, and have traditionally lived all over Iraq, north east Syria, north west Iran, and the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey.[24]


Generally speaking, Assyrian population was Christian:

Assyrians were originally Pagans, who where followers of Ashurism, an Assyro-Babylonian religion, which is the Ancient Mesopotamian religion, and some adopted Judaism, Gnosticism and Manicheanism; however most now belong to various Christian denominations such as the Church of the East, with an estimated 300,000–400,000 members,[100] the Chaldean Catholic Church, with about 900,000 members,[101] and the Syriac Orthodox Church (ʿIdto Suryoyto Triṣaṯ Šuḇḥo), which has between 1,000,000 and 4,000,000 members around the world (only some of whom are Assyrians),[102] and various Protestant churches. While Assyrians are predominantly Christians, a number are generally irreligious.


A small minority of Assyrians of the above denominations accepted the Protestant Reformation in the 20th century, possibly due to British influences, and is now organized in the Assyrian Evangelical Church, the Assyrian Pentecostal Church and other Protestant Assyrian groups. These are always called Assyrians

Source: see above

So the question is more clear now. The dirty Middle East game of today is the center around which the Romish World Democratic Government is revolving:

Above image: "...The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders,.." (Caldean Bishop of Aleppo, SJ Antoine Audo - Also a Jesuit bishop's allusion: the ''Jewish outsiders'' backing Andrew Breivik???).

The creepy words of the Aleppo's Jesuit are giving charte blanche to Assad and consequently for the Kurd's genocide. Iran, Turkey and Syria are supporting the party of the pope which controls Israel, that “party of the peace”, Masonic-Shabtai Labour Zionism headed by Shimon Peres who, from the blood extracts reason of existence for his “battle for the peace”. Because at the same time also Turkey, Syria and Iran have a benefit from the “Palestinian Holocaust”, being it useful to hide the “Kurdish Holocaust”. Then Rome, above all parts in the game, is pursuing her evil dream of “Jerusalem international city” under UN control and seat of the “One World Religion”, of course a religion headed by the pope of Rome, as an answer and solution to the religious conflict in Palestine.

At the same time Kurds and their historical collaboration with the Ottoman empire in the suppression of Christian communities are serving as scapegoat in order to lighten the weight of the massacre's responsibility on the shoulder of Turkey which now must play the role of “saviour of the ethnic Palestinians” without too much evident contradictions. What a disguting spectacle, isn't it? The Roman Catholic empire is playing the alliance with the Islam galaxy on the mutual agreement based on the areas of influences. The immigration of Muslims in Europe and the aggression to the Islamic world by the “Zionism” and “America” are covering the murderous use of Islam by Rome also in the recent past, when Christians were decimated in the name of the Mohammed used by the Romish masonic Islam and by the Arab nationalist.

And, at the end of all, Kurds have to be eliminated because the secularism in the society sees the ethnic and cultural autonomy from a despotic central government as a natural reflex and consequence of the independence against any pyramidal, roman 'religious' center, today represented by the papacy. The Romish masonic govts of Iran, Turkey and Syria are the military and religious pillars of the gradual destruction of any secularism in the Islamic societies, and the Kurds represents a serious obstacle against this project. The extreme nationalism represent only a not perceived first step in this war on secularism. The same words of Wikipedia related to the Assyrians are brightly witnessing that:

In addition Western Media often makes no mention whatsoever of any ethnic identity of the Christian people of the region, and simply call them Christians or Iraqi Christians, Iranian Christians, Syrian Christians, Turkish Christians etc. This label is rejected by all Assyrian/Syriac Christians as well as Aramean, Phoenician and Coptic Christians, as it wrongly implies no difference other than theological with the Muslim Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Iranians and Azeris of the region.

Source: see above

But isn't this ethnic cleaning in the names only a discrete religious cleaning? As those ethnics were also implying a well defined religious identity, especially not submitted to Rome???

Those Assyrian population were mostly belonging to churches not submitted to Rome, often to the Assyrian Church of the East like in the case of the Simele massacre in 1933 by the Iraqi army,

.......or the Assyrian genocide (1914-1918 AD):

Because of the mass killings, Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII was chosen as a Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East at only 11 years old.

Armenian church doesn't depend from the Romish church:

The Armenian Apostolic Church (Armenian: Հայաստանեայց Առաքելական Եկեղեցի, Hayastaneayc’ Aṙak’elakan Ekeġec’i) is the world's oldest National Church[2][3][4][5] and is one of the most ancient Christian communities.[6] Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in 301 AD, in establishing this church. The Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church traces its origins to the missions of Apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the 1st century.


In the Armenian Massacres of 1894–1896 the Kurds are used at large scale:

Another reason for the massacres was the channeling of Kurdish bandits upon Armenians instead of just anybody in the area. The eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire were historically insecure; the Kurdish rebels ransacked neighboring towns and villages with impunity. When the empire was too weak and disorganized to halt them, Sultan Abdul Hamid gave a semi-official status to the Kurdish bandits. They were known as the Hamidiye Alaylari ("belonging to Hamid").[8] The formation of Armenian revolutionary groups began roughly around the end of the Russo-Turkish War of 1878 and intensified with the first introduction of Article 166 of the Ottoman Penal code 166, and the raid of Erzerum Cathedral. Article 166 was meant to control the possession of arms, but it was used to target Armenians by restricting their possession of arms.


Islamic population to be submitted were so instigated and used against the Christians. All that followed the Congress of Berlin, where the universalism of the secular empires were deadly threatening the universalism of Rome:

During the 18th century Ottoman Empire sustained extensive territorial losses (see: decline of the Ottoman Empire) and the Balkan nationalities, aided by European arms and diplomacy began their struggles for their liberation, (see: national awakening in the Balkans).[1] Most Armenians lived in provinces bordering Russia, and not any other European states. Russia—became increasingly involved in Ottoman affairs using the "capitulations of the Ottoman Empire" established after the Russian intervention in 1877-1878. Russia gained control over a large part of Armenia, and became the champion of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (a protectorate clause). Russia was also instrumental in obtaining the independence of Romania (see:National awakening of Romania) and Serbia. Beginning with the Congress of Berlin, Armenian question become a pivotal factor, in which sometimes Russia had to step back as a result of the English and German pressure, or vice versa.


The combination of Russian military success in Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878, clear weakening of the Ottoman Empire from various angles, including financial (1873 and on Ottoman Empire suffered greatly from Panic of 1873, territorial (mentioned above), and hope that one day all of the Armenian territory might be ruled by Russia led to a new restiveness by Armenians living inside the Ottoman Empire. Starting around 1890, the Armenians began protesting to gain the protections promised them at Berlin. Unrest occurred in 1892 at Marsovan and in 1893 at Tokat. Armenians wanted civil reforms to be implemented in the Ottoman Empire and an end to discrimination; they demanded the right to vote and the right to establish a constitutional government.[6] The Sultan, however, was not prepared to relinquish any power. Turkish historian Osman Nuri observed, "The mere mention of the word 'reform' irritated him [Abdul Hamid], inciting his criminal instincts."[7]


The greatest responsible of such massacre's where not the Kurds, who where among the executor but moved by lower interests of the local communities and their bosses and not surely for a long and large-scale and far away in time project. The true responsible were just the founders of the modern Turkey nation, the Romish Masonic Young Turk party. Please, go with the mind to the "Young Italy" of Romish Masonic Giuseppe Mazzini and his church in London, dedicated to saint Peter, the master of the cornerstones (*). But like for the “Orthodox question” in Serbia, it is clear that the Berlin congress was aimed to solve the general religious question in Eurasia excluding Rome, his pope and his Jesuit controllers. For this reason the greatest inspirer of those massacre were 'modern' nationalists, in other words exponents of the nationalist movement born from the Jesuits' mind in the XVIII century to destroy the secular universalism of the empires. Beating and massacring Orthodox 'heretics' in Middle East, was simply meaning to beat and massacre the Berlin's congress:

The Powers forced Hamid to sign a new reform package designed to curtail the powers of the Hamidiye in October 1895 which, like the Berlin treaty, was never implemented. On October 1, 1895, two thousand Armenians assembled in Constantinople to petition for the implementation of the reforms but Ottoman police units converged towards the rally and violently broke it up.[12] Soon, massacres of Armenians broke out in Constantinople and then engulfed the rest of the Armenian-populated provinces of Bitlis, Diyarbekir, Erzerum, Harput, Sivas, Trabzon and Van. Thousands were killed and many more died during the cold winter of 1895-96. The worst atrocity took place in Urfa, where Ottoman troops burned the Armenian cathedral, in which 3,000 Armenians had taken refuge, and shot at anyone who tried to escape.[13]

Source: see above

"....The Armenian Apostolic the world's oldest National Church......Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in 301 AD, in establishing this church.....".

Now all is more clear.....Burned down because that church was Armenian and not submitted to the universalism of Rome?

The creeping words of that Jesuit are so perfectly understandable:

"....The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders.....".

It is incredible to see how the 'secular' nationalism of Islamic republic is elected to a cult, when useful to Rome, meanwhile no church in the world must be independent from the pope of Rome, as the same term "Roman universalism" witnesses!

Annihilating the Kurds today means also to cancel the religious legacy of the extreme importance of the Berlin's Congress in Eurasia. It is so not only a joke of the words to say that with the blood of Gaza they are hiding the ashes of Koenisberg:

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The “Drei Freddy Krueger” populating the sleeps of Leo XIII

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28,900,000 vs 6,720,000 - also in this way the Romish World Democratic Government assassinates

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Pacif(asc)ism burying Kurds with ''astounding archeological discoveries'' [& with Gaza]

(*) Sunday, May 24, 2009
Romish Masonic Giuseppe Mazzini, another Jesuit priest?

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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