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Re-founding Lutheranism:...


"The Israel-friendly, and Islam-critical weekly newspaper "Norway Today" lost state support."

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Our Country sow doubt about Islam-bashing Hallgrim Berg
August 12, 2011

"Hallgrim Berg regret nothing".

Halgrim Berg host
suspicion (?) of Our Country to have been critical of Islam.

"Hallgrim Berg regret nothing".

This is the title of an article in Our Country.

The newspaper is trying to cast an unfortunate light on the Berg, and want readers to think that the former member of parliament from the same ideological vision that Anders Behring Breivik.

This is not appropriate for a newspaper that claims to accommodate all shift patterns Christian.

It seems that the subject is that those who warned against Islam as a religion and ideology, should be brought to the Silence. It is exactly this that is the goal of Sharia law in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Thus, the word "Islam-bashing" Anders Behring Breivik Islam's best friend in Norway, when he resorts to terror against AUF. This cruel attack turn now back on all forms of competent statements about Islam.

What is it that makes a newspaper that our country to cast doubt on the Right-man Hallgrim Berg?

Our country received 37 million in state aid in 2010. The newspaper is the main mouthpiece for the Norwegian church in the media.

The circulation of our country is about 24,000. The newspaper gets a little over 1500 million in annual funding from the sekulœre State for each daily buyer of the newspaper.

Our Country is not alone, to exist at the mercy of the Norwegian state. Other Christian newspaper in Norway have to watch out, so they are not authority for the state religion in Norway, a watered-down fake version of the Martin Luther once lœrte.

The independent Christian daily newspaper "Day" will receive 13 million in state aid.

Pentecostal movement's weekly newspaper "Victory Cross" received 1.8 million in state aid. There are not many Pentecostals in Norway who are aware of.

The Israel-friendly, and Islam-critical weekly newspaper "Norway Today" lost state support.
It is dangerous to end up in the pocket of the sekulœre the Christian state. It is not easy for editors to resist, when it comes policy guidelines in the form of "requests" to take a settlement with what is not politically correct.

Our-Land's attack on Hallgrim Berg is an example of this. Criticizing Islam, is the Labor-controlled state power viewed as an attack on the multicultural (?) Norway.

This is a short circuit. Islam will never support a multi-cultural Norway as a political goal. In all countries where Muslims have come in the majority, have yttringsfridom and democracy has been abolished. Islam will be adopted as the state religion, and only Muslims have the right to rule.

Also, the Labor-controlled state church will rebuke of Islam-critical printers. The claim comes from sekulœre politicians who appoints (?) politically correct bishops. It is simply uhyggjeleg.

This is the truth. The day we are not allowed to tell the truth about Islam in Norway, then the Norwegian people submit to one of Islam's most important requirements.

The Koran demands the killing of those who do not submit to "Allah" and skriftstru Islamic barns, is not something our country plan to educate readers about.

Here is one of the stanzas which calls for Holy War:

Sura 5:33 reads:

"Their wage that fight God and His Messenger and move about and staples strife on earth will be that they be killed or crucified, the hands and feet cut off crosswise, or that they be banished from the country. This will be a disgrace in this world. In the Hereafter a heavy punishment awaits. "

Source: AjNorway

If you want to hear more of Hallgrim Berg's criticism of Islam, listen to the audio file of a speech he held at the Pentecostal Movement's pro-Israel conference in Telemark in 2010. Here is the link.

Yttringsfridomen in Norway is now threatened by the Norwegians who do not understand their own best. Hallgrim Berg is a warm defender of human rights, yttringsfridom and democracy. He deserves praise.

Jesus is the most Islam-critic of all.

If he began to argue that Muhammad is a false prophet, would Frelsaren been killed in countries like Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

No risk of Jesus being persecuted and imprisoned in Norway, if he would take to tell the truth about Islam.

Since Islam does not acknowledge Jesus as God, all that will follow Jesus tell the truth about this religion.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Islam is a dangerous blindveg.

Written by Ivar Fjeld

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Above image - Luther's rose, seized, conquered emptied and then re-filled with Rome's poison? - URL:

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Notice the swastika stylized and hidden in the socialist hand-with-rose. I've no doubt that the Roman Catholic operation of using the Luther's rose, started with the "Rosi Crucian" sect (Rosi Crucian, R and C,.... Roman Catholic) and is aimed to re-found Lutheranism on the anti-Jewish booklet of doc Martin Luther, destroying ideologically and theologically the immense importance of the 95 Thesis:

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The enemy in the mirror (apparently enemies....)

user posted image

Legend for the above three images: 1) Are the knights a reflex of Klingsor,... or Klingsor is a reflex of the knights?
2) Council of Trent's fist gripping the rose, (a classical): penetrate Lutheranism, depredate its social doctrine, use it like a dead skin and fill it with the ideology of the Counter Reformation
3) The passion of Christ, represented by the old black cross inside the rose, has been deleted and substituted by the Black Haken Kreuz inside the fist. In other words: Jesuitism re-founding Lutheranism.

Spectacular fireworks at 22.11 hours

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gaza is the today's WDG version of the Spain 1936/37 training war

Note: the swastika


The symbol of the 4-sided swastika is an archetype for the rotations of time and conscousness - moving clockwise and counterwise - in upward or downward spirals - allowing souls to experience many levels of reality simultaneously.

The word Swastika comes from the Sanskrit words su, meaning well, and asti, meaning to be.

The swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles either clockwise or anticlockwise. It is traditionally oriented so that a main line is horizontal, though it is occasionally rotated at forty-five degrees, and the Hindu version often has a dot in each quadrant.

The swastika has not always been used as a symbol of Nazism and was in fact borrowed from Eastern cultures. It seems to have first been used by early inhabitants of Eurasia. It is an important symbol in Eastern religions, notably Hinduism and Buddhism, among others, and was also used in Native American faiths before World War II. By the early twentieth century it was regarded worldwide as a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness. Swastikas appeared on the spines of books by the Anglo-Indian writer Rudyard Kipling, and the symbol was used by Robert Baden-Powell's Boy Scout movement.

Since the rise of the National Socialist German Workers Party, the swastika has been associated with fascism, racism, World War II, and the Holocaust in much of the western world. Before this, it was particularly well-recognized in Europe from the archaeological work of Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered the symbol in the site of ancient Troy and who associated it with the ancient migrations of Indo-European (Aryan) peoples. Nazi use derived from earlier German völkisch nationalist movements, for which the swastika was a symbol of "Aryan" identity, a concept that came to be equated by theorists like Alfred Rosenberg with a Nordic master race originating in northern Europe. The swastika remains a core symbol of Neo-Nazi groups.

Since the end of World War II, the traditional uses of swastika in the western world were discouraged. Many innocent people or products were wrongly persecuted. There have been failed attempts by individuals and groups to educate Westerners to look past the swastika's recent association with the Nazis to its prehistoric origins.

Alternative historical English spellings of the Sanskrit word include suastika and svastica.


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(*) Original version:

Vårt Land sår tvil omkring Islam-kritikkar Hallgrim Berg

“Hallgrim Berg angrer ingenting”.

Halgrim Berg vert mistenkjeleggjort av Vårt Land for å ha vore kritisk til Islam.

“Hallgrim Berg angrer ingenting”.

Dette er tittelen på ein artikkel i Vårt Land.

Avisa prøver å kaste eit uheldig lys over Berg, og vil at lesarane skal tenkje at den tidlegare stortingsmannen har same ideologiske syn som Anders Behring Breivik.

Dette høver seg ikkje for ei avis som hevdar å vœre kristen.

Det verkar som motivet er at dei som åtvarar mot Islam som religion og ideologi, skal bringast til tystnad. Det er akkurat dette som er målet med Sharia lovene i land som Iran og Saudi Arabia.

Slik sett vert “Islam-kritikkar” Anders Behring Breivik Islam sin beste ven i Norge, når han tyr til terror mot AUF. Dette grusome overgrepet slår no tilbake på alle former for lovlege ytringar om Islam.

Kva er det som får ei avis som Vårt Land til å så tvil om Høgre-mannen Hallgrim Berg?

Vårt Land mottok 37 millioner kroner i statstøtte i 2010. Avisa er det viktigste talerøret for den norske kyrkja i media.

Opplaget til Vårt land er omlag 24.000. Avisa får litt over 1500 kroner i årleg støtte frå den sekulœre Staten for kvar daglege kjøpar av avisa.

Vårt Land er ikkje åleine, om å eksistere på nåde av den norske staten. Andre kristne aviser i Norge må passe seg, så dei ikkje blir organ for statsreligionen i Norge, ein utvatna falsk versjon av det Martin Luther ein gong lœrte.

Den uavhengige kristne dagsavisa “Dagen” mottar 13 millionar i statsstøtte.

Pinsebevegelsen si vekeavis “Korsets Seier” mottok 1,8 millioner kroner i statsstøtte. Det er det ikkje mange Pinsevenner i Norge som er klar over.

Den Israel-venlege, og Islam-kritiske vekeavisa “Norge i Dag” mista statsstøtta.

Det er farleg å hamne i lomma på den sekulœre etterkristne staten. Det er ikkje lett for redaktørar å stå i mot, når det kjem politiske føringar i form av “oppmodingar” om å ta eit oppgjer med det som ikkje er politisk korrekt.

Vårt-Land sitt angrep på Hallgrim Berg er eit døme på dette. Å kritisere Islam, blir av den Arbeiderparti kontrollerte statsmakta sett på som eit angrep på det fleirkonturelle Norge.

Dette er ei kortslutning. Islam vil aldri støtte eit fleirkulturelt Norge som politisk mål. I alle land der Muslimane har kome i fleirtal, har yttringsfridom og demokrati blitt avskaffa. Islam vert innført som statsreligion, og berre Muslimar har rett til å styre.

Også den Arbeiderparti styrte statskyrkja vil ha refs av Islam-kritikkarar. Kravet kjem frå sekulœre politikarar som utnemner politisk korrekte biskopar. Det er rett og slett uhyggjeleg.

Dette er sanninga. Den dagen vi ikkje har lov å seie sanninga om Islam i Norge, så har det norske folk underkasta seg eit av Islam sine viktigste krav.

At Koranen krav drap av dei som ikkje underkastar seg “allah” og skriftstru Islamsk lœre, er ikkje noko Vårt Land har tenkt å opplyse lesarane om.

Her er eit av versa som oppfordrar til Heilag krig:

Sure 5 33 lyder:

” Deres lønn som bekjemper Gud og Hans sendebud og farter omkring og stifter ufred på jorden, skal være at de drepes eller korsfestes, at hender og føtter avhugges kryssvis, eller at de forvises fra landet. Dette vil være en skam i denne verden. I det hinsidige venter en svær straff.”

Kjelde: AjNorway

Dersom du vil høyre meir av Hallgrim Berg sin kritikk av Islam, lytt til lydfila av ei tale han held på Pinserørsla sitt Israel-stevne i Telemark i 2010. Her er linken.

Yttringsfridomen i Norge er no truga av nordmenn som ikkje forstår sitt eige beste. Hallgrim Berg er ein varm forsvarar av menneskerettar, yttringsfridom og demokrati. Han fortener ros.

Jesus er den største Islam-kritikaren av alle.

Dersom han tok til å hevde at Muhammed er ein falsk profet, ville Frelsaren blitt drepen i land som Iran, Syria, Pakistan og Saudi Arabia.

No risikerer Jesus å bli forfulgt og fengsla også i Norge, om Han skulle ta til å seie sanninga om Islam.

Sidan Islam ikkje anerkjenner Jesus som Gud, må alle som vil følgje Jesus tale sant om denne religionen.

Jesus er vegen, sanninga og livet. Islam er ein farleg blindveg.

Skriven av Ivar Fjeld

13 Aug 2011 - Elaborated and corrected the text some hours after the publishing, added the Luther's rose and added at the top the phrase "The Israel-friendly, and Islam-critical...etc.", and some precisation about the initials of R-osi C-rucian representing simply R-oman C-atholicism.
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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