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Spectacular fireworks at 22.11 hours


Above image - Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling

At the bottom, before the images of the Slovenian Romish-Disney documentary on the Hitler's "bible", something I wrote a month ago, and as usual forgot in a folder, maybe to be inadvertently canceled like other things I composed and then destroyed (or maybe destroyed by someone else...). It carries the title: "….and Quisling for all!". Read all together, maintaining well in mind the password: "Oslo!"

Above image - masonic handshake? To the experts the judgement! Visit of Norway king and queen in Slovenia on 9th and 10th May 2011, here the king salutes the Slovenian president - URL:

But before see the video (in English!) of the interview with the Norwegian king who, together the wife-queen, visited Slovenia on 9th and 10th May 2011, twelve days before the 1,000th anniversary of Bled:

"Na obisk prihaja norveška kralj in kraljica, prispevek ... " at URL:

The 1000th anniversary of Bled:

22nd May 2011 - a thousand years since the first mention of the castle
In Bled entire weekend of events

22nd May 2011 at 06:38,
back surgery: 23 May 2011 at 12:02


In Bled, with Medieval and Baroque depictions it was celebrated the thousand years which marked the first mention of the castle in written records dating back to 22nd May 1011th

Bled Castle is for the time of the mention the oldest Slovenian castle, as the oldest document in which the castle was listed, is dated the 22nd May 1011th. It is a document of a donation by which the German king Henry II. gave the Castle with the title Castellum Veldes to Adelberonu, the Bishop of Brixen (Italian: Bressanone; in the German speaking South Tirol, today in Italy – avles).

Bled castle was the administrative center for the land tenure of Brixen in the region Gorenjska. The beauties of Bled castle and himself, which is mentioned in medieval sources in the German form Veldes, went spread by the words of distinguished travelers, including Janez Vajkard Valvasor in his Glory of the Duchy of Carniola in 1689.

Celebrations begin on Saturday

This weekend was the most festive for the castle. The celebration has already begun on Saturday at 10 pm, when a group of actors of the actor group knight Lambergar Gasper, in which from more than 20 years are joining lovers of history and of the recitation, did a premiere with the medieval depiction of the King Mathias and Alencica in the Bled castle. Also, for all the weekend there were also the medieval representation of ​​Martin Krpan and the baroque depiction of Poliksena and the submerged bell.

Festive events were also punctuated on the promenade of Lake Bled. At Bled have also returned this weekend Venetian gondolas and Caroline from the Italian municipality Mira-Oriago that were presented at the Bled lake together with other traditional boats and on Sunday at 11 they competed for a speed test.

Even on Saturday Count Gasper Lambergar watched the gondolas with his courtiers, the gondola of the River Brenta (region Veneto in Italy.... - avles), such as in the Middle Ages were used to transport fresh fruit and vegetables in Venice, also the visitors could be seduced by. These ones Saturday evening at 22.11 hours admired from the lake the symbolic and spectacular fireworks from the castle.

Sunday also marked by fraternal Brixen

On Sunday, a holiday visit to Bled of the brass band of Brixen, the South Tyrol's cultural capital. Both places were, with minor interruptions historically linked since 1004 to 1858. Today, both towns that have crowned their cooperation with a twinning, and are connected primarily in the cultural field, hence for the 1000-year anniversary of the first written mention of the castle it came one of the oldest brass band of the city of Brixen, old more than 200 years

And here my old writing, "….and Quisling for all!":

.and Quisling for all!


Some days before the 1000th anniversary Slovenia was officially visited by the Lutheran king and queen of Norway. If the visit from Oslo and the celebration of the 1000th anniversary are considered taking at the same time in mind also the premiere of the documentary on the “Hitler’s bible”, a premiere broadcasted in the national public television of Slovenia just in proximity of the visit and of the celebration (and not in Autumn as announced), the presence of an obscure hand coordinating the events could be considered a fact worth to be investigated, at least because more rich of evidences than the existence of the same alleged “Nazi pagan bible”. Scandinavia is a theme of actual chronicle in these days (think only to the sexual scandal of the corrupted Swedish monarchy), and historically those lands played a central role in the National Socialist system of mystical legends. On the waters of the Bled’s lake, today you can see the reversed images of those ideological legends coming from the fascinating atmospheres of the Polar Arctic circle, and if you carefully watch them, you can detect inside them the image of the Council of Trent.

The mystical legends of Nazi ideology was centred on the necessity to re-unite the “Arian” Europe under a German rule, an “Arian” Europe of which the old homeland of Vikings, Norway, had to play a special role. But that mystical ideology was nothing else than a pedagogical metaphor, created using the ancient Nordic mythology, of the national and Nordic character of the Lutheran Reformation which, in consequence of the cultural and historical assonances with a Third Reich’s pagan oriented ideology purposely manufactured in order to enforce the similarity, in its turn would have been allusively assimilated to a sort of occult collateral effect of the ancient and never completely eradicated pagan barbarianism of the Germans.

The Jesuitical mind and its poisonous allusions is easily de-coded from the National socialist cultural wreckage. If you look with more attention the events which led to the occupation of Norway by the Ecumenists of Ledochowsky (National socialists), you can perceive the frame of a Jesuitical inspiration. In the case of Norway, forget the necessity to defend the maritime routes from the English battleships. The Second conflict was built of course not around objective traditional military goals, but also not only around a the mere necessity to maximize the number of heretic to be murdered. There was also a theatrical and metaphorical religious content of that war, present with more or less weight in many important military strategic decisions. Meanwhile WWII had to physically exterminate the enemies of Rome in Eurasia, at the same time had to abandon on the moral ruins of Europe an allegorical and spiritual heritage, a precise metaphorical religious imprinting for every cultural concept of “European history” in the next centuries.

Think to the well known leader of the Norwegian collaborationism, a secondary collaborationism on the outskirts of the centre of war, Quisling, and ask yourself why, from his surname, it was built, in the after war, a term generally used in order to describe every kind of collaborationist leader, which works in accord with foreign invading forces against the sovereignty of the proper homeland. Probably it was the propaganda media system of the Western allies which was dealing also with the Nuremberg trial and was heavily under the influence of the men of SJ Edmund Walsh, to chose the name of a Lutheran collaborationist of the Nazi invaders, as universal label to identify collaborationism tout-court. Evidently the guilty of Quisling was not only his Lutheranism, but also the fact that he didn’t show a great interests in the implementation of the usual National socialist anti-Judaic genocide plan in Norway (a fact even underlined by a documentary broadcasted on the papal LA7 channel). He was mostly interested to carry out a decisive anti-Communist struggle, a goal to be pursued using the Hitlerian Germany (which in its turn devoured him and his goal). For this reason, today you don’t use the term Pavelic in order to generally describe the phenomena of collaborationism, but the term Quisling. Also the former partisan Francek Saje, in his book of early fifties “Belogardizem”, is mentioning the Slovenian collaborationist dr. Natlacen, with the label “Quisling”. All that continues today when you have a discrete presence in Internet of material about the Independent State of Croatia and its leader, Pavelic. And even if it existed a more famous collaborationist, that French general Vichy (*). But he was a Roman Catholic, and it seems that this attribute was not decisive in order to see after the war the proper name used as universal label. Pavelic and Quisling were not a Vichy. And Vichy (and Quisling) were not a Pavelic. But they all were the Quisling of….

After the end of the war, the defender of the church of Rome in Croatia, the Quisling of Zagreb, Ante Pavelic, saved his life and never paid for his crime in front of a regular post-war court. Ante Pavelic had to be grateful for this destiny just because he was putted at power by an Italian and genuinely Roman Catholic dictator, Mussolini, and not by the figure of a charismatic German dictator presenting the features of the typical German heretic obsessed by the anti-Christian anti-Judaism of Luther, a typical character impersonated by a Roman Catholic actor from Austria, purposely sent in Germany in order to play that role.

At the opposite, the Lutheran Quisling didn’t murder half millions of Norwegian or Swedish heretics, like Pavelic did in occupied Yugoslavia with half millions of Orthodox Serbs and someone other. And probably this was another guilty the Lutheran collaborationist of Norway had to pay, with a prompt post-war judgement and a quickly executed capital punishment. Therefore if today intellectuals, historians, politicians, alternatives of the web, conspiracy researchers, etc. continue to use the negative term “Quisling” instead “Pavelic”, they are simply doing a good work to save their soul serving the Mothers of all Lies, Rome.

So, meanwhile in Slovenia the information propaganda machine for the Unification with the Russian church is building a mountain of masturbations on the purposes of the Enigma machine the Nazi should have abandoned in the depths of the Bled’s lake, meanwhile they are creating with PC simulation a never documented and hence never seen by human eyes project of a “Wotan’s temple” to be built on the island of Bled, a pair of hundreds of kilometres (and even less) south of the same location of the lake of Bled, there it occurred the most cruel religious purge ever occurred in Europe since the age of the old-fashioned first Thirty years war. But this massacre, at the opposite of the alleged “Wotan’s temple” and “Hitler’s bible”, is well documented, as it well documented the central role of the church of Rome in to ideologically, morally and spiritually instigate and direct an extermination which would have not only heavily amputated the Schismatic Serbia, but would have transformed an easy and quick occupation in a true nightmare for the the old Prussian military elite based Wehrmacht.

The documentary on the alleged “Hitler’s bible”, be it a matter of reality or a post war invention is not important, is therefore used to give (read: to impose) the explicit religious coordinates with which to understand the existence of Jasenovac camp. As the religious origin and the religious finalities of the Ustasha is disturbing, their existence is suppressed on the official plane of information meanwhile the ‘alternatives’ will provide some naïve and simplified version of it. But the deep lack of comprehension of that bloody episode of WWII, and of decent, not poisoned or manipulated official debates on it, is quickly filled with the metaphorical allusive content of fantasy-documetary like the ones on the Hitler’s bible.


It follows a sequence of eight pics (seven from the Slovenian documentary on Hitler's "bible" and one from Oslo):

* * *

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New Jesuit deceptive fables on Nazism centered on Slovenia?

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The Queen of Europe and the Rome Wall

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Timothy McQuisling

((*) Correction 24 July: of course it was the
Marshal Pétain at the head of the collaborationist France whose govt. was seated in the city of Vichy, and not the city the same. In any case a good product of that deep reactionary Roman Catholic French)
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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