Saturday, June 11, 2011

F*** protestant Scandinavia?


Yesterday I was reading the daily Slovenske Novice when I run into an article related on Sweden. As Sweden is Protestant, with a Protestant (and moreover Lutheran) crown, and the article was issued in the Romish Slovenia (a country with a Protestant (Lutheran) past to be erased), immediately my interest was arisen by the argument, which was dealing on the sex scandals of the king Gustav, who seems to be an habitué of the commercial sex. My mind never for a second was blocked by the thought "revenge for the pedophilia scandal", because when the Koenigsberg was disintegrated by Jesuit trained Stalin, there were no pedophile scandals in the air which would have suggested an apocalyptic destruction at the guise of diversion:

Scandal of Carl Gustaf: The king and the sleazy pictures

Posted on 21 May 2011.

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The scandals at the Swedish King Carl XVI. Gustaf go another round. Obviously there are friends with underworld contacts – and sleazy gangster pictures in hand.

After it was reported last November in a book of wild parties and escapades of Head of State, Swedish reporters have now found evidence that friends asked the king professional criminals for help to stop further revelations. As we were on Friday, as well as photos of visits of the king are circulating in strip clubs.

The images are owned by Mille Markovic, a criminal, who ran a strip club earlier in Stockholm.
There is the book “The Reluctant Monarch”, according to Carl Gustaf are also pleased. Markovic was one of the main sources for the book that caused headlines worldwide last year.


This is also suggested in a new book on the Serbian-Swedish crime boss Milan Sevo, which appears in those days. It describes how the king’s friends tried in November to bring Markovic’s images in their possession. ........"


Please take not that in Sweden the law on the prostitution is very heavy and such scandal is deeply upsetting the public opinion....

Then my mind went on the recent visit in Slovenia of the Norway crown - another rest of that old Lutheran world, visit occurred some weeks ago. Again I perceived the sense of the "EU enlargement", a finely calibrated devouring of religiously not aligned countries with the finality of increase the Roman Catholic political weight in the central institutions, of course not at the expenses of the Buddhists or Scientology, but of the remaining Reform in the old continent (and of the Schismatic Orthodoxies). A low level pressure, accompanied by scandals, economical opportunities, underground blackmails, working exactly like that famous poison spread on the pages of the medieval book in that movie inspired by the Jesuitical best-seller of Umberto Eco. Or, if you prefer another image, to get the dynamic concept of this dirty Romish war, think to an immense dry dock, this infamous EU, with an enormous dam from where, without warning the 'heretic' inhabitants of that basin, the colossal waters (“enlargement”) of the Roman Catholicism are poured, constraining them to live in ever more little island on top of hills, till the disappearing.....:

Visiting the king, who shifted milestons

King Harald V. not only on a courtesy visit to Slovenia as it is accompanied by a strong business delegation

Council - Monday, 09.05.2011 Text: Zoran Senković, Oslo

Seventeen minutes
meeting of three Slovenian journalists with the Norwegian King Harald V. and his wife Queen Sonja in the royal palace in Oslo three days before their visit to Slovenia was enough to confirm the position of the Norwegians about the "popular" King, who has run his life and behavior of moving a few milestones in order to delete at least part of the dividing lines between "aristocrats"and the people......"


All that smells of "liquidation of the last rests of Lutheran Protestantism" in Europe, maybe with the intention to have the hands free when starting the next step of the liquidation, with the central Europe Calvinist protestantism, so largely awarded after the end of war, as target. Following this hypothesis, having the Calvinists no more possible allies with whom to fight the religious aggression, they will remain alone in front of the teeth of Rome.

And all that recalls & smells of that Romish Slovenian-Serbian collaboration during the existence of the monarchic Yugoslavia, distinguishedly represented by the historical couple "Stojadinovic-Korosec" (*) (Serbian reserve on the bench: Cvetkovic "Fiorello" Dragisa). The central role of the Serbian Mafia in the sex scandal shaking a Swedish crown which lost any form of independence from Rome well before the discrete as well dissimulated collaboration with Roman Catholic Hitler, should make us to imagine not a classical gangster movie, but to an international spy movie. You cannot appreciate this side of the deal if you don't appreciate the image of that Serbia sitting in the waiting room where her loyalty is checked in order to be admitted as member of Eurogendfor:

Friday, November 05, 2010

Eurogendfor or the European/world wide Gestapo-Stasi-SS of the pope

"A gendarmerie or gendarmery (play /ɛnˈdɑrməri/ or /ʒɑːnˈdɑrməri/) is a military force charged with police duties among civilian populations. Members of such a force are typically called "gendarmes". The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary describes a gendarme as "a soldier who is employed on police duties" and a "gendarmery, -erie" as "gendarmes as a body". The term maréchaussée (or marshalcy) may also be used (e.g., Royal Marechaussee) but is now uncommon.....":


Therefore the question is: Militarization of Europe under the sign of the Roman Catholicization? Give a look at the unrest at the stadium of Genoa - was that a fruit of collaboration (a test) between (traitorous) Serbian and Italian intelligences?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Down with Serbia, up with Franciscan comic Italy

(*) Tuesday, June 7, 2011
19th July 1937: "Bloody procession" day in Belgrade
"..... The same document of minister Korosec demonstrates how the minister Janic criticizes the head of police Dragoslav Jovanovic, when he was released from the detention. "I never lifted my hands on someone else in my life, but I was beaten" (the alleged speaking MP is reporting here the words of minister Janic the same - avles). I am honoured of the Orthodox church etc. etc. (It follows lively signs of approval from the left side). The ones who must answer for their responsability are the minister Korosec and Stojadinovic, and the 1,500 Slovenian gendarmes coming from Kamenice, Slovenia. I am not interested in to obtain excusation from them, who arrived here in order to find a justification (evidently to attack Orthodox clergy – avles), but from Korosec and Stojadinovic who are the true responsible. (long lasting signs of approval from the left side – from the right the opposition of dr. Mirko Dosen which says that minister Dragisa Cvetkovic affirmed that all those declarations are lies). ..........".
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


  1. "Protestant" "Lutheran" Sweden is a joke- it is perhaps the biggest supporter of Luis Martin's cigarette market protectionist "drug war", supporting jail for people daring to possess agricultural alternatives that are safer, never mind how such prohibitions replace such with the infinitely more dangerous concentrated drug forms.

  2. So let'z eliminate the Swedish crown and populate Sweden with Romish churches?

  3. The Sweedish monarchy and church smell like US southern baptists- no real alternative, just a rotted out shell of "Protestantism" which in all practical purposes ARE Romish.

  4. Of course they are aligned and servant of the Romanism, but they just for this they are the Titanic on which to embark the true believers in order to sink them

  5. They want to destroy the last traditionalism of protestant societies. People are disenchanted and so invited to give away the corrupted institutions. With them their tradition and the historical memory. This is also a test, to see if the Swedish society is ready to give away their historical institutions and with them the historical orign of it

  6. Fates of Swedish crown and Serbian crown are very similar

  7. But not that of Sweeden, versus that of Serbia nor Prussia.

    Nor, when one thinks of it, thinking back to some of your posts last year, and applying them to my country, the fates of Calvinism and Lutheranism in the U.S. ....

  8. ...If Rome should re-unite with the Schismatic Orthodox cods of Polar Arctic circle (instead the Orthodox humans of Russia), and the lutheran polar circle belt of consequence would arise a barrier against that unification, now instead Koenisberg we could told about Oslo or Stockolm....

  9. In case of East Prussia there were also some aggravating circumstances:

    * First Protestant state of the world

    ** Born with direct intermediation of Luther together the founder of it

    *** Built on a territory seized from the Teutonic order mafia

  10. And was born NOT enemy to the Slavs (at the opposite of the anti-Slav spin of conquer of Roman Catholic German empire – battle of Tannenberg etc.) - Anti-Slav hate of RC Hitler as further CR allusion?

    "..In 1525 during the Protestant Reformation, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, Albert, secularized the order's Prussian territory, becoming Albert, Duke of Prussia. His duchy, which had its capital in Königsberg (Polish: Królewiec), was established as FIEF OF THE CROWN OF POLAND. .."