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66 years ago [May 1945]


The ghost of Königsberg hovering over the summit of Warsaw?

The arrest of Mladic (and previously comdemnation of Gotovina) as little steps of the "irresistible Long March of Rome" towards the Straits of Bering (= devouring of Schismatic Orthodox East Eurasia and appointment of the new "Boyar of Rome" in the Kremlin, a group of servants to whom belongs Putin and Medvedev....):

Serbian, Romanian presidents boycott Warsaw summit

BELGRADE -- Heads of states from a number countries of central and eastern European countries have gathered for a summit in Warsaw, Poland.
Warsaw (Beta, file)
Warsaw (Beta, file)
There they will review experiences related to their countries' democratization processes - according to reports.
U.S. President Barack Obama will be a special guest at the gathering.

But the decision of organizers to invite Kosovo as an independent state prompted presidents of Serbia and Romania, Boris Tadić and Traian Basescu, to snub the meeting.. ..".


A "long march" of the Roman Universalism which cancelled from the face of earth Lutheranism and related Lutheran Prussia. The Long March occupied then the underground tunnels of the human mind with the image of a Warsaw bombed by German Nazi and oppressed by Russian Communism. The walls of those tunnels are carrying the sparkling images of a sort of baroque, old fashioned Counter Reformation art, to which the meat puppets of Rome, that countless universality of humans serving the Long March of Rome, must kneel and demonstrate their loyalty to the Roman emperor of Eurasia:

Central and Eastern European summit opens in Warsaw

Nineteen heads of state have been welcomed by President Bronislaw Komorowski at the Royal Castle in Warsaw for the 17th Central and Eastern European summit.


17th Meeting of Presidents of Central European States in Warsaw. Photo: PAP/Pawel Supernak
Presidents of Romania and Serbia are not attending due to the presence of the Kosovo president as they do not recognize the breakaway Balkan state which declared independence in 2008.

The ghost of Königsberg:

Below, Königsberg in 1945:

".....Königsberg was destroyed in the last weeks of the war when there was no real reason to assault it. When the soldiers of the Byelorussian front were dying in its streets in the first week of April, 1945, the rest of the Red Army was already besieging Berlin. Seven centuries of history went up in smoke in one week of shelling and bombing. By then, the decision to annihilate East Prussia and grant Königsberg to the Soviet Union had already been taken, so the reason for its destruction remains a mystery. Did Stalin take the decision in a fit of war revenge? Did he think that the setting of an ancient bourgeois city would hamper the development of the new Soviet city he wanted to build in its place? Or did he fear that, unless turned into a pile of ruins, Königsberg might not be conceded to him by the Allies after all? Pictures and models in the bunker-cum-museum where the capitulation of the city was signed are revealing. Most of the destruction was done after-wards, when the victors took to the task of building a new city on the ruins of the old...".


and presented in:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Along The Amber Path 10 - What About Prussia?

(by Douglas Willinger)

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"...Seven centuries of history went up in smoke in one week of shelling and bombing....."

Why Roman Catholic and Jesuit trained Stalin didn't annihilate in the same way also the Roman Catholic portion of Austria
under the control of his troops?

the reason for its destruction remains a mystery"

Austria, the country from where it came the Roman Catholic dictator of Germany who so much worked to exterminate Russians?

Most of the destruction was done after-wards, when the victors took to the task of building a new city on the ruins of the old…"

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Ash stake


Above image - the figure of Karl Marx printed on a post-baroque modern certificate of 'salvation' (indulgence):"...Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, sociologist, historian, political economist, political theorist, journalist and revolutionary socialist, who developed the socio-political theory of Marxism. His ideas have since played a significant role in the development of social science and the socialist political movement. He published various books during his lifetime, with the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Capital (1867–1894), many of which were co-written with his friend, the fellow German revolutionary socialist Friedrich Engels.[2]....".

Not a strange fact is the evidence that Karl Marx comes from Germany. And it is supposed to be of "Jewish origin". He came from Germany because he was another anti-Luther hero of the Council of Trent. Probably the most important one, if we exempt the clerical anti-Luther ones for excellence who are the Jesuits & C.

As we are watching the recent protests in Spain, where young people are dragged in the streets in order to be fooled and to be transformed - at the guise of what happened during the "68 Movement" psychiatric alchemy age – in new little gracious animals of the alternativity, we should reflect on the deep, very important Romish theological significance of the "hate against the bourgeoisie", of which such social protesters must become the infected carriers (*).

Above image - Young Spanish Proletarian "assaulting the bourgeois sky". A coincidence, just when a Jewish financial N° 1 has been arrested in one of the world financial Mecca?

The bourgeois is the prototype of the – by Rome - most hated kind of humans on hearth. He is hated because he is “greedy”. He is hated because he accumulates material wealth without any other finality if not the pleasure to own wealth & things. Therefore he is hated because his
material works are not finalized to save his/her soul.

Of course from this point forward, to affirm that the successful accumulation of wealth is a “sign of predestination” as regard salvation & grace, there is the same distance lying from the top of the fingers of the
short human arms till the bottom of the feet of our Lord. Calvinists, with their predestination, simply thought to fill the eternal distance with a successful accumulation. But what they do with their efforts of economical success is not a successful purchase of eternal salvation, it is only an attempt to purchase the credibility of some humans about the alleged fact that their salvation has been certified by their budgets.
Meanwhile Roman Catholicism pretend to lengthen the worldly arms of the faithfuls in order to reach the Lord using a paper named “indulgence” (or a surrogate of it, payable in the moral banks of Rome), with an opposite direction, but of the same theological sign, Calvinism pretend that the Lord the same must lengthen his holy arms to them, in order to sign a bookkeeper document to be then exhibited to other humans as “certificate of gained salvation”.

It is not the money in the bank account the true sign of salvation. This is why Rome attack the bourgeoisie using their Marxist rabid dogs. Because the bourgeoisie is the prototype of the indifference about the Roman Catholic salvation. He works hard for the surplus instead to work hard to save his soul.
For this reason the proletariat must hate him. The proletariat must be poor and the fruit of his
work – as recalled to us by Karl “Trento” Marx – sufficient only to assure him the survival in order to reach, the sequent day, the factory. More “Council-of-Trent” than this in the universe, there's only our dear Black pope. The proletariat must not accumulate a surplus. Because he – at the opposite of the bourgeois – is the prototype of the perfect Roman Catholic whose material sphere of existence is exclusively destined to the salvation of his/her soul. A material activity destined to influence an invisible spiritual (Roman Catholic) abstraction.

The “bad bourgeois”, therefore, must live at the expenses of the “poor, pious proletarian”. It is the same Council of Trent to ascertain it! Being the humans, whose material activity is not destined to the salvation of their soul, simply “damned” and vectors of “evil”, they cannot else interfere in the world if not with an “evil” activity which, at any cost, tries to thwart the material efforts of the largest part of humanity, those 'pious' and 'poor'
majority hardly working inside the material world in order to save their physical body and hence the possibility to save their soul: and the social and economical conflict between classes was born. Of course spiritually in the filthy soul of the Council of Trent, and only then, three centuries after, was translated in geometrical concepts of the ideology and of the economy of Marx, and sold like toys to an humanity of childish people.

There's hence a Roman Catholic theological finality in the Marxist conception of the world. The “bad bourgeoisie” should have the finality to represent that “evil permitted by the Lord”, a Lord which should let the existence of such “evil class” of humans in order to “show the way” to the countless masses who have a
religious duty to work hard to save their body and hence their soul. Isn't the Marxist doctrine, at the same time meanwhile is launching anathemas on the capitalist class of “dirty exploiters”, exalting it because considered the “final true engine of history”?!!
Also here are well planted the
religious roots of the dialectic materialist conception of the human history.

Apotheosis: at the end of history, the “consciousness”, the “Communist consciousness” of the proletarian, grew inside the womb of an history shaped by the conflicts between economical
material classes, redeem the humanity in the “righteously” conquered “Reign of the Communism”. But as we are adult people, and no more children, we can see it with more sane eyes, and to see in the "proletarian class" and in the "workers' movement" simply an economical-philosophical comedy representing nothing else than the Roman Catholic masses which finally accept the proper 'divine' salvation through the submitted material work inside the physical world. To finally enter in the worldly but 'divine' “reign of Christ” on earth (of course under the firm and careful vigilance of the cardinals and Jesuits).

In Europe is born Martin Luther and many other Christians who decided to not respect the home of the Antichrist, the 'Holy' See in Vatican, and her evil religious laws to submit humans to the Evil. In the same Europe, Rome shaped with the filthy clay of the Tiber river her spiritual and military Golem in order to destroy the re-born European Christendom. And it is only in Europe where it can arise the hammer that will destroy all those Golems and will plant inside the 'sacred' hearth of Rome the final definitive ash stake.

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Roman Capitalist Catholic church

Above image - A Roman Catholic banknote of 1747 ("„S. ANNAE Bund von Harlaching“, Ablassbrief aus dem Jahr 1747")
"...........In Catholic theology, an indulgence[1] is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment
due for sins which have already been forgiven. The indulgence is granted by the Catholic Church after the sinner has confessed and received absolution.[2] The belief is that indulgences draw on the Treasure House of Merit accumulated by Christ's superabundantly meritorious sacrifice on the cross and the virtues and penances of the saints.[3] They are granted for specific good works and prayers.[3]Indulgences replaced the severe penances of the early Church.[3] More exactly, they replaced the shortening of those penances that was allowed at the intercession of those imprisoned and those awaiting martyrdom for the faith.[4]
Abuses in selling and granting indulgences[3] were a major point of contention when Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation (1517).

URL of the image of the 1747 Roman Catholic Banknote of Salvation:
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Got the allusion?

...........................(*) The spanish youth take the streets against politicians and bankers

".....Yesterday was a civic protest against the cuts in the social security, retirement pays, unemployed walfare and all that meassures taken by the goverment in order to stop the possible EU baylout of Spain. This protest was called by a civic plataform Democracia Real Ya!(nor parties nor tradeunions, althoug some took part as regular protesters, specially the left parties and trade unions)......."

...Evidently parties & trade unions did an excellent job for Rome, and the historical point till where drag us doesn't need anymore of their support. They can be trown in the history's discharge and substituted by Rome. Also in the Middle Age there were no parties nor trade unions...


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(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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New Jesuit deceptive fables on Nazism centered on Slovenia?


Above image – Wlodimir Ledochowsky is now burning in Hell, but is Hindenburg now in Purgatory? Probably, for having not hindered the raising on power of the gang of Hitler. The soul of Hindenburg laying in the limbo is now probably thinking to that. “Why I didn't incinerate the Hitlerian legionaries of the Jesuits and instead I let them to fool me with their Bolshevik threat? Used to bind my arms meanwhile the Jesuit's black cockroach were swarming inside the German protestant institutions?”. Meanwhile he is now starring the rests of the once Great Germany. A spiritual ruin traveling in BMW, where the pain caused by an unconscious awareness to have been at the center of an immense historical fraud, is calmed down by that “marvelous-years-of-uncle-Adolph-when-all-was-in-order” litany.

It doesn't take an astronomical effort of the human intellect to understand the reason and purpose of the pagan obsession in the National socialist ideology.

National socialism was only the ecumenism with which to drag the entire multi-religious Germany in an adventure which was programmed since its beginning with a catastrophic “hard-disk crash” (just to use a computer metaphor). To continue with the computer metaphor, National socialism was passed off to the consumer at the guise of a sort of “super-anti-virus” which would have deleted all the “Jewish trojans and malawares” in Eurasia. But after having scanned the entire West Eurasian disk and having detected all the “threats”, at the moment of clicking on the command: “Destroy virus threats”, the program, itself an occult, disguised, colossal Roman Catholic Counter Reformation virus, caused the total crash of the hard disk, destroying everything, “viruses” and “anti-virus”, and of course all the operative systems, especially the one on the German partition.

It is understandable so the diffidence and often the hate and the despise with which that little Roman Catholic corporal from Austria was seen from the old Protestant elite of Germany, especially the military Prussian elite. Like Bismarck who - even if confessed to be anti-Semite, never trusted the rising hysterical anti-Judaism in which he surely saw the dangerous germs of the Roman Catholic infection of Prussia, Counter Reformation germs which used like carrier the rat of the anti-Judaic hate.

For this reason the Jesuit minds had to inject very powerful quantities of pagan narcotic inside the same poisonous body of the National socialist ecumenism. And here the memory should go to the faculty leaved to the single members of the SS to chose the ritual of burying in case of death, two rituals each of both marked by its clear religious sign, a Christian cross or a pagan symbol of the ancient German paganism. The reason are very clear. That paganism would have acted as antidote against the old good Protestant awareness expressed by the Protestant elite, of which Hindenburg with his sane hate against the Austrian corporal was a bright example.

Because it was too much clear that the National socialism was only a pure Roman Catholic product and every honest Protestant of the Republic of Weimar should have terribly put in question the reason for which the church of Rome, the prostitute and seat of the Antichrist which never stopped to conspire against the Reforms, would have used the same keen trick of four century ago of Luther, but this time turning it against the Protestant Germany, especially the Lutheran one.

When Luther invited also the Catholic elite to fight the peasant's riots, he did that of course not for love to Rome, at the opposite, because he righteously suspected that those peasant's riots – keenly fired in the name of his the same religious principles of the First Reformation - had been instigated or at least would have been heavily supported by Rome in order to destroy his credibility in front of the German bloodlines who were supporting the religious sacred right of secession from Rome. Calling also the Roman Catholic front in the war against those suspicious riots, he defused the surely existing attempt of Rome in to drag away the support of the German elite exploiting the peasant's violence, and turned it against the same papacy.

So, four century after, because unfortunately in the meantime a giant of the same caliber of Martin Luther never appear in Germany, Rome could use the same tactic used against her the same, trusting in the fact that a just duped Protestant German world, in whose veins a giant quantity of the anti-Jewish heroin have been injected using the same Lutheran's anti-Jewish publications, would have forever putted in a condition of “flat-electroencephalogram” and therefore would have understood a perfect round zero about what was happening on his the same head. Similarly, but in an opposite way (and purpose), Rome called the old deadly Protestant enemy to put aside the old enmity, and embarked him in a common crusade against the “Jewish/peasants' war”. All of course was heavily dressed with the sauce of the “church-of-Rome-hostage-of-National-socialism” in order to cancel that certain nauseating Council-of-Trent back-taste which would have remained hardly fixed in the mouths of the survivors for many decades after the end of the hostilities. For the details you can go in the book of history but it seems it is better to give a look before, in order to not been fooled then, to the Douglas Willinger's CCR blog.....

I don't waste further words, you can have some minutes of amusement in to de-codify the new Jesuitical deceptions contained in the following fable, recently appeared in the media. Don't worry, in decades of after-war 'pious' working, surely entire underground tunnels and bunkers have been filled with false proofs and documents, no more or less like they did with the 911 attack and whit thousands and thousands of criminal frauds all along their bloody history.

(When you'll read the below article, don't forget to appreciate on how the "Wotan sanctuary" - to be built by Nazis on the island of Bled (§) - is also today an operative ("Continuing Counter Reformation"....) metaphore of the Counter Reformation Madonna. In fact the Island of Bled is and was consecrated to the virgin Mary, and the allegorical Roman Catholic theology contained in the 'pagan' profanation by "pagan Nazis" is a Jesuit poisonous allusion to the Faith Alone in Jesus Alone of Martin Luther which should have 'squeezed' the adoration of the Roman Catholic Madonna, putting it aside in the Christian religion. And don't forget that allusion to Martin Luther the same, contained in the figure of Adolph Hitler who "dares to possess a proper bible", in a sort of ironical imitation of the translation works of Martin Luther!!! These Jesuits are really filthy s.o.b.!
Furthermore: Notice on how such fables of the Counter Reformation Nazi propaganda are re-appearing also on the local media - “Il Piccolo” daily of Trieste, owned by the Gruppo Editoriale l'Espresso, of today, and this only some days after the 'historical' visit of the bishop of Rome in Aquileja/Oglej (*). It appeared, in the Slovenia media, even two days before the arrival of the bishop of Rome in Aquileja/Oglej!!!....It is understanable the reason for which Rome chose a s.c. 'Jewish owned' media as disguise for her contemporary ideological war.... Just think to the strict link of Bormann with Rome. Remember the great importance of the Austro-Italian front in the First World war which passed just all along these zones, zones filled with an enormous quantity of mausoleums and war-cemeteries. To get rid of Lutheran Prussia and of a Calvinist German imperial bloodline was, among other excellent victims of Rome as the erasing of Jews from Eurasia, a goal pursued with two world wars, because was the necessary step to allow the enlargement of the Eurasian province of the Roman Catholic world empire from Ireland to the Siberian coasts in front of Alaska. Tell me if a visit of Benedict here is or not worth of such territorial conquest! And of a re-freshed Nazi fable!)

The story is about finding missing Hitler Bibles

Pre-premiere of a new documentary film

5. May 2011 at 17:09,
last intervention: 5 May 2011 at 19:49


Underwater search for an encryption machine, the discovery of a diary of a partisan intelligence agent, his record of "Nazi Bible" and plans on neo-pagan sanctuary on the Island of Bled. All this has happened once in Bled, where it was again taken place on a screen.

Above image: an imaginary reconstruction of the planned pagan sanctuary.

The Bled Grand Hotel Toplice aired the premiere of the documentary “Hitler's bible”, which is going on around the true spy stories of Jože Jana - Iztok. This was during World War II, Bled leading an independent (“independent”??? - note of avles) intelligence network and the 1945 seizure of the German religious institute Ahnenerbe (heritage), where he stumbled upon an unusual find.

However, the time should be putted slightly forward in the eighties, when the Slovenian archaeologist Andrej Gaspari conducted underwater archaeological investigations of the lake. He hoped to find “enigma”, a famous Nazi encryption machine, the Germans on the run from the allies should have thrown into the lake. However, something else attracted his attention, also referred to the informative diary of Jana. This should have come into contact with Mrs Van Straaten, who worked for a German film company UFA and in the name of the so-called left trade unions, on the outskirts of the Reich, sought alliance with Komintern in Moscow.

With the help of her colleague, Inge, Van Straaten yielded to Jana information on the production of of synthetic gasoline in Frankfurt / Oder and details of the secret base on the island of Rugen , where Hitler between 1942 and 1944 conducted nuclear tests. Jana provided the information to the ljutenant colonel Ribačenk of the Russian mission, who was then operating on the territory of Yugoslavia, and in 1945 the Soviets occupied Rugen and thus to obtain nuclear technology.

Plans to build the temple of ancient German god Wotan

For the history of Bled is important yet another said about the operation of Jana and the seizure of the archive of the Ahnennebe Institute, which was directed in the villa of Bonač by Methes Ziegler, a former Protestant clergyman and a close associate of Alfred Rosenberg, and of Martin Bormann. After Nazis escaped, the partisans drove a truck full of old books and documents, among which particularly stood out a in gold and leather bound book. In this, some kind of Hitler's Bible, have been described religious rituals, particularly interesting was a plan to build a temple of Wotan and the bridge to be built by the Germans at the Bled island.

Bled, an idyllic refuge for German holidaymakers

It was a time when the Bled lake, after a short presence of the Italian units, became a "center" for the German occupation authorities in Gorenjska, the place already in 19th century, attracting many tourists, owing to the relatively favorable security situation throughout the war remained a popular destination for German holidaymakers and families from the bombed areas. It also hosted a number of Nazi functionaries.

The film of the writer and director Miha Čelarja who participated in the recording with Andrej Gaspari is conceived as a kind of reconstruction of the intelligence diary of Jana, meanwhile at the same time is a documentary story about finding the missing books. The film, which is made in a co-production of Astral film and TV Slovenia, would have the television premiere in the autumn.

M. K.
* § * § *


Carlo De Benedetti
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Forget Benetke and think to Oglej
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)