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Lutheran World Federation controlled by Rome via headquarter in Roman Catholic/Calvinist Geneva?


(An exchange of comments with Douglas Willinger on the argument "marijuana", recalled to me of a fact I never exposed on my blogs. The message could have been posted in my Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog, but as the content has at least an European-wide resonance, I chose to publish it here).

It would be not a mystery to discover that the wreckage of the s.c. "Lutheranism" are managed, for the benefit of Rome, by the Calvinism. It closes perfectly the circle which started with the disintegration of Lutheranism in Europe at the end of the Second conflict. The only official church remained is the Swedish one, which was just "Roman Catholicized" with the declaration of neutrality (and the silent collaboration with Adolph Hitler's ecumenical regime).

Remember that the reason for which the not-Roman Catholics monarchies survived today are of a number larger of the Roman Catholic ones (at least as regards countries with respectable dimension), is due to the fact that "No Catholic bloodline? No veto in the election of the new pope!".

This is the reason for the Anglican separation from Rome of the English crown. The Queen (i.e. the manager) which administers the properties (USA plantation) of the owner (the Holy See/Vatican monarchy), must always be a subject deprived of rights of intervention in the inner life of the owner/commitment.

Of course when no more useful, at the right moment, Calvinism too will follow the destiny of Lutheran Reform. Rome is interested in the "predestination", which can be used to re-introduce the "good works" dogma.

Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovenia

The Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovenia is the largest Protestant Church in Slovenia and with about 18,000 members - less than one percent of the total population - the fourth largest religious community in Slovenia. Most of the Protestant Slovenia lives in the far northeast Prekmurje.
In the Duchy of Carniola, the Protestant Church in the 16th Century was founded as first Slovenian Primož Trubar translated Martin Luther's catechism, and parts of the New Testament into Slovene. Shortly afterwards translated Yuri Dalmatin the entire Bible, which was then used in Protestant churches. The Reformation spread rapidly in the former Slovenian language area. By the Counter-Reformation Protestantism was suppressedcompletely. Minister of the Protestant Church, including Primož Trubar fled to Protestant areas of Germany.
Today's Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovenia was organized on the basis of a statute of 1977 new and is a member of the Lutheran World Federation and European churches in the ecumenical conference .

From: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangelische_Kirche_Augsburgischen_Bekenntnisses_in_Slowenien

The Lutheran World Federation

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), English Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is a community of Lutheran churches worldwide. The LWF was founded in 1947 in Lund (Sweden) and now has 145 member churches, which belong to 70.1 million Lutheran Christians in 79 countries. (July 2010) [1] Its predecessor organization was founded in 1923, the Lutheran World Convention

Präsident Munib Younan
Generalsekretär: Ishmael Noko
Gründungsjahr: 1947
Mitgliedskirchen: 145
Mitglieder: 70,1 Millionen
Anschrift: 150, Route de Ferney
1211 Genf 2
Website: www.lutheranworld.org


President Munib Younan
General Secretary: Ishmael Noko
Year: 1947
Member churches: 145
Members: 70.1 million
Address: 150, route de Ferney
1211 Geneva 2
Website: www.lutheranworld.org

From: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutherischer_Weltbund

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Roman Capitalist Catholic church

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ecumenical Switzerland florishes - Lutheran Prussia dies

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


  1. I like the thought of such more liberal-rational policies, such as Holland's MJ Coffee Houses, and Germany's no arbitrary speed limit autobahn segments, being a child of Protestant superiority- but really believe that the answer has more factors.

    That nations as Sweeden are so ass backwards with their support of that cigarette-pharma racketeering effort known as the 'war on drugs' - to me - reeks of 'free'masonry.

    I must add the quotes around the word 'free' as the initiation rituals alone bespeak of dynamics that are anything but- instead they are highly chained people, given overpaid jobs for being 'good old boys' aka yes men.

  2. Your comment was not warned by the usual e.mail of notification. I am not surprised. I found also two comments labelled as spam, one was of a bloggher I warned about the work of intrusion of Chinaclown. I published his/her comment, but never received a mail of notification.

  3. I prefer to call it: "opportunism". For opportunism I can act in a way which can also be profitable for my apparent enemies. I consider the Calvinist "predestination" (= The more I accumulate money the more is a sign I am under the Grace of the Lord) a typical source of opportunism. I earn money but at the same time I make advance the Capitalist agenda, which is in its essence Roman Catholicism in (economical) action.

  4. As you can see between Lutheranism and Calvinism there's a fundamental theological opposition, not reducible to actions of "masons" etc.

  5. Calvinism and Baptism (Southern Baptist) IMHO are two distractions that got Protestantism off track

  6. If you want to see that in a more cold way you must consider theological elements at the basis of a let's name it "X" Christian schism away from Rome as an useful sort of "bug" used by Rome the same.... At this point I could care the less if Calvin the same was an agent of Rome dividing the fields of the anti-Romanism, what matters to me is if the honest followers of the "X" schism are aware or not of such bugs. Also Luther's theology could contain such "error codes".... The First (with capital "f") is just the Luther's books against the Jews... But they were books with a precise religious and political significance at that age.... The problem is that after the death of Luther no one succeded to him with the same level of ability and intelligence in order to not let the use of those theological codes against Lutheranism the same.... For this reason I believe that the true red thread used by Rome was just those books and Nazism simply an ecumenis built on them...

  7. For this reason I consider those books original and not a Romanist fake.... Because they are perfectly fitted with the Luther's strategy of those times... This blog should too be built on the historical significance (five century long!) of those books, but time lacks.....

  8. A trace: try to consider National socialism only a grotesque caricature of the classical "German imperialism" of the second Reich... Luther's created those books to win against Rome in the ideological theological war of those times, which was at the opposite of today, based on "who is the most anti-Jewish wins!".....
    .... Imagine then that Rome destroy the rules of that game, and start to create another one: "who is the most tolerant with the Jews?".... The rest is history, and Lutheranism remained with the matches in his hands in front of all the world....