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Continuing Italianization in South Tirol?


Above image - Of course the religious element was indirect, and therefore not paragonable to the Italianization of the Slovenes and Croats. Keep in mind the power of Nazi Germany which calmed down the appetites of Benito Mussolini. Today Vittorio Sgarbi represents the perfect neo-Irredentist spirit built on the cult of the "mission of Italianization", which gives vital essence to the papal EU built on the destruction of the s.c. "ethnic minorances". Remember that agreements between big nations like Italy and Germany, like the ones among Italy and Slovenia, have as consequences the sacrifice of the 'little' ones, who, like apples, are eaten by the bigger ones, even if they are the same ethnic and/or national identity. This is a trend of normalization regarding the entire Amber Path, from Baltic sea to Adriatic sea.

Italianization of South Tyrol - - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - ".....In 1919, at the time of its annexation, the southern part of Tyrol (today the province of Bolzano-Bozen) was inhabited by almost 90% German speakers.[1] Under the 1939 South Tyrol Option Agreement, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini determined the status of the German people living in the province. They could emigrate to Germany or the Greater German Reich's territory in the Crimea, or stay in Italy and accept their complete Italianization. As a consequence of this, the society of the province of Bolzano-Bozen was deeply riven. Those who wanted to stay, the so-called Dableiber, were condemned as traitors while those who left (Optanten) were defamed as Nazis. Because of the outbreak of the World War II, this agreement was never fully implemented. Illegal Katakombenschulen ("Catacomb schools") were set up to teach children the German language. ......


In 1923, three years after South Tyrol had been formally annexed, Italian place names, almost entirely based on the Prontuario dei nomi locali dell'Alto Adige, were made official by means of a decree.[2] The German name "Tyrol" was banned, likewise its derivants and compound words such as "Tyrolean" and "South Tyrolean".[2] German newspapers, publishing houses, organized clubs and associations, including the South Tyrolean Alpine Club had to be renamed, with the decree said to have been strictly enforced by Italian carabinieri on the ground.[2] The basis for these actions was a manifesto published by Ettore Tolomei on July 15, 1923, called the Provvedimenti per l'Alto Adige ("Measures for the Alto Adige"), becoming the blueprint for the Italianization campaign. Its 32 measures were:[3]

  1. Association of Alto Adige and Trentino in a single province with the capital city of Trento.
  2. Appointment of Italian municipal secretaries.
  3. Revision of the (citizenship) options and closure of the Brenner border for all persons to whom the Italian citizenship was not granted.
  4. Entry and residence difficulties for Germans and Austrians.
  5. Prevention of German immigration.
  6. Revision of the census of 1921.
  7. Introduction of Italian as the official language.
  8. Dismissal of German officials or transfer to the old provinces (i.e. pre-war Italian provinces).
  9. Dissolution of the "Deutscher Verband" (German association).
  10. Dissolution of Alpine associations not under command of the Italian Alpine Club, transfer of all Alpine refuges to the Italian Alpine Club.
  11. Prohibition of the name "Südtirol" and "Deutsch-Südtirol”.
  12. Closure of the newspaper published in Bozen "Der Tiroler".
  13. Italianization of German local names.
  14. Italianization of public inscriptions.
  15. Italianization of road and pathnames.
  16. Italianization of the Germanized surnames.
  17. Removal of the Walther von der Vogelweide monument from the Walther Square in Bozen.
  18. Increasing of Carabinieri troops (in the province) under the exclusion of Germans.
  19. Preferential treatment for land acquisition and immigration of Italians.
  20. Non-interference by foreign powers in South Tyrolean affairs.
  21. Elimination of German banks, establishment of an Italian mortgage Bank.
  22. Establishment of border customs offices in Sterzing and Toblach.
  23. Generous support of the Italian language and culture.
  24. Establishment of Italian nursery and primary schools.
  25. Establishment of Italian secondary schools.
  26. Strict control of foreign university diplomas.
  27. Expansion of the "Istituto di Storia per l'Alto Adige" (Institute for the history of Alto Adige).
  28. Realignment of the territory of the Diocese of Brixen and strict control of clergy activity.
  29. Using only Italian in trials and court.
  30. State control of the Chamber of Commerce and the agricultural authorities (Corporazioni).
  31. Extensive programs for new rail junctions to facilitate the Italianization of Alto Adige (rail projects Milan-Mals, Veltlin-Brenner, Agordo-Brixen).
  32. Increase military garrisons in Alto Adige.


Pleaser note the number 32 as reference to the Canon 32 of the Council of Trent. But the city of Trent is just south to the South Tirol, a region which always was a German ethnic region, a region conquered and slowly Italianized by Rome.




Sgarbi in Bolzano: "Italians treated like the Jews, Hitler seems Durnwalder. The SVP: ignoble words

Speaking in Alto Adige to present the Committee of the celebrations for the 150th MP next to the PDL Micaela Bianci, the art critic has launched one of his tirades against the governor Durnwalder, comparing the situation of Italians in Bolzano to that of the persecuted Jews

Francesca Gonzato

BOLZANO. Sgarbi limitless. "Italians in South Tyrol as Jews under the Nazis. Durnwalder careful not to become like Hitler, "says art critic and political. His parolea Bolzano cause a storm. SVP and Anpi "outrageous statements."

Sgarbi (currently mayor of Salemi, in predicate for a role of minister or secretary of the department after the resignation of Culture Sandro Bondi), was invited yesterday to Bolzano from Michaela Bianci (PDL MP) to present the infant Committee for the celebrations of 150 years of the Unification of Italy, which is one of the guarantors.

ITALIAN-JEWISH. In the hall of the Town Sgarbi has set up one of his records show, along the monuments to the fascist controversy over President Luis Durnwalder not participate in the celebrations for the Unification of Italy, to end the case with Ruby ("Italy is obsessed Berlusconi and his bed ...»).

The shot on the Jews arrived in the crescendo of beats and polemic over 150 years and plans to cover Mussolini on horseback in the square court: "The Italians can not be a minority in a country that is Italy, otherwise it is similar to the Jews during Nazism. Being an Italian who suffer pain on its own identity makes you like the Jews. Durnwalder careful not to delete Mussolini to become like Hitler. "

In the front row the government commissioner and the commissioner Fulvio Testi Dario Rotondi. Michaela Biancifiore reached them after the meeting. "Vittorio Sgarbi is uncontrollable," is his justification embarrassed prefect and Quaestor. He added: "The comparison with the Jews is to be understood about the meaning of difficult identity of a people, not the extermination." But not enough.

REACTIONS. The SVP of Obmann Richard Theiner angry now signed a statement in which it claims the distancing of the MP: "It is shameful and scandalous allegations. Have already been said a lot of nonsense about South Tyrol, but those of Sgarbi surpass all others. " Michaela Biancifiore Theiner continued, should "steer away from Sgarbi, otherwise he loses what little credibility that remained. It 'a shame that Biancifiore Sgarbi has called on several occasions that has proven not to know the history and culture of South Tyrol. "
Lionello Bertoldi (PNA President) acknowledge: "The well-known art critic, used to hurt, wanted to raise the tone of the neo-fascist provocation. He did it in the boardroom of the City, with Mr. quaestor and the Commissioner of the Government, unfortunately, silent listeners. "
Giorgio Holzmann PDL Congressman: "I am astounded that a comparison has no basis. I immediately felt the senator Gasparri who answered "do not believe it." Congratulations to my colleague, Bianci its strategy of approaching the SVP.

VISIT THE SIGHTS. Sgarbi had arrived at Bolzano 13.30. Accompanied by Maurice and Michael Bianci Vezzali (Provincial Councillor PDL) has visited the two monuments at the heart of Bolzano-Durnwalder Bondi. The relief of Mussolini on horseback in the square court did not know him. The Monument to the victory instead of yes and you will find it described in the next book ("so clean up is even better). Bondi Durnwalder authorized to remove the Duce and historicize the monument Piacentini. Sgarbi: "Art can not be touched. Ideas are one thing, the pictures another. " Bond: "And 'a friend at that time there lived a psychological disturbance. He made a statement in which he promises more than it can deliver. I am sure the Piffrader could not be removed. " But Sgarbi would not even see it covered: "Even Fini, the only current party leader who used the Roman salute, I would say that Mussolini was dead and it does not hurt anyone. Have wronged in life, but not anymore. I can not take with me the work of art. What happens in Bolzano is absurd. In 1987, Leonardo Sciascia, the great intellectual, is mobilized to rediscover a frieze with Mussolini, who had been covered over the palace of the prefecture of Ragusa. After 24 years in advanced Bolzano want to cover what the Sicilians have released? What do they fear ghosts? You can not be the enemy of Mussolini is crystallized over, you can not pull it out from the grave to continue to have an enemy. " Sgarbi has also doubts about the tables historicizing, and that the Court Square in the Victory Monument, "What need is there? The guys even know who Mussolini. " The competition of ideas for Court Square accusation: "Who participates in a similar contest to destroy a work can not be an architect and sculptor."

March 8, 2011

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Who knows Basovizza?

"........"Shut up, ugly s'ciavi" shouts a policeman fascist, and beaten a group of Slovenian children. This will be one of the many scenes of "Strela v Bazovici/Basovizza" fifty-minute documentary film, before arriving at the scene of the movie, namely the killing of the group of resistance antifacista TIGR Ferdo Bidovec, Fran Marušič, Zvonimir Miloš and Alojz Valenčic, now known as "Bazoviška junaki" (this year marks the eightieth anniversary of their deaths)......".
Of course also this short docu-film answer to an ideological request, dictated by the Provincial of Jesuit Province of Slovenija, or to shut up the partisan Narodna Osvobodilna Borba (National Liberation Struggle) during the WII in favour of the more open to the clericalism TIGR organization,.... But let's forget for the moment the polemics..... In any case the event must never be forgot.... The Slovenian village of Basovizza / Bazovica is the place where in 1930 four Slovenian - fighting against the Fascist nationalis oppression - were executed responding to a sentence of the Special Court to Defend the State. All that happens twenty five years before the alleged mass execution by there attributed by Tito's partisans, after a war which costed to Slovenia a massacre of populations, tortures, and a destroyed rural society - URL:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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