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Attack Libya (having Germany in mind)


Above image – Foreign minister of the Holy See, formal minister of Italian “republic”, Franco Frattini.
March 27, 2011 11:14

(AGI) - Rome, March 27 - The foreign minister, Franco Frattini, said the possibility 'that Italy and Germany will present on Tuesday' in London, a joint plan for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Libya. "We have a plan and see if you can 'translate into an Italian-German proposal. Maybe it will develop in a joint document to be presented Tuesday, '" when in the British capital will meet the foreign ministers of the military coalition engaged in Libya.........”.
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So why today during the "angelus", in saint peter square, at the presence of the faithfuls of the divine emperor, the pope recalled the wars? But it is very simple! Because he supplied his foreign minster, Franco Frattini, of the necessary ideological support in order to again fool Germany. Not for a case today the pope was at the Fosse Ardeatine, where the German Nazis murdered more than 300 hostages in Rome as reprisal for the Tasso street attack. A typical “German barbarian” act, just today slapped in the face of Germany. Not a casual timing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pope at the Fosse Ardeatine to remember the victims of retaliation: The violence is the result of any war on humans


Salvatore Izzo (AGI) - Vatican, March 27

"....Hosted by the chief rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni, and chairman of the National Association of Italian families of the martyrs who died for their freedom 'of the country, Rosina Stamen, who invited him, Benedict XVI' came to the Ardeatine to commemorate the 67th anniversary dell'eccidio which was completed March 24, 1967 (error, some tens of years before!! Or is an allusion? - avles)...."

See below note (*) to read the entire article.
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Remember that one of the most important task for which Italy has been created, was to fool Germany and to drag it in adventures from which that country could exit no else than a total destruction. Think only to the role of Italy in the Balkans and how Germany was "kept by the bowls" with the threat of the total ethnic war "everyone against everyone" and with the threat of an ally arrival on the Balkan coasts with Italy as traitor of Germany...). This is the important fact for which you always assists to the spectacle of a certain Protestant Anglos-axon religious propaganda obsessively aimed against "Nazi Germany", but regularly forgetting the N°1 role of Fascist Italy in the destruction of Germany. But for this in another moment.

So now the foreign minister of the Second Pontifical reign of the Apennine peninsula (formally under the fake term of "foreign minister of the "Italian" government) is using the bad situation in which now Germany is fallen, in order to again fool and to again suck from the homeland of Martin Luther further decadence in the inner and foreign policy.

The constellation for which the attack to Gaddafi's Libya was practically an alibi, shows an America and especially an England and a France, historically adversary country of Germany, to play a foreign policy which is seriously embarrassing Germany and putting the country in a corner. If you then take in the sum the false friend of Germany, for example that Russia of Putin which just in the past gave wonderful witnesses of prostitution leaving the Serbs in the hands of the papal NATO, the picture is complete: Germany is really in a very low level as regards now the foreign policy. Therefore the great future possibility to achieve new markets and businesses from a New Middle East and North African Order, will disappear for a Germany which wants to fight the crisis and the social de-stabilization, leaving to her only bits and grains of a banquet which will see the actual winners (France and UK) as the nearly only eaters present on the scene.

I said "nearly only", because to them they will add of course a place for Italy in the manger ("mangiatoia" in Italian, "korita" in Slovenian which is better and means: "trough", the place to food pigs). In the 'alternative' information of Italy, for example Massimo Mazzucco's site and Comedonchisciotte's site, they are doing every effort to obsess you with the "France vs. Italy" war to grasp the Libyan oil. Even the official information is speaking about that war, in the form of the "diplomatic clashes" between France and Italy as regard the points of execution of the mission against Gaddafi. But is the true origin of that war the race for oil between Italy and France, or this is only sand in the eyes to hide the true target of this war?

Italy-France clash on NATO. Frattini: Alliance control or manage our bases

From our correspondent Adriana CerretelliCronologia articolo

22 March 2011

“....According to the minister there would be "growing consensus" on the position of Italy on Tuesday that there was also the convergence of Britain, through the words of Prime Minister David Cameron. Italy, however, if the mission in Libya does not pass under allied command, "will initiate a discussion on the use of its bases and if there was a multiplication of command centers, we should find a way to regain control of our bases" . In the evening, however, the Foreign Ministry has rounded tones, with a note stating that if it had not reached an agreement "Italy would consider the idea of setting up their own separate national command, to handle the tasks of command and control of all those military operations involving the use of the seven bases that our country has made available. "........”


Personally I am perfectly convinced that the true target, a part the usual policy of the Roman Catho-Islamic steel pact (now it remains only Israel as only country in the Middle East to not respect UN resolutions and/or to commit "crimes" against civilians, therefore Israel remained the only and next target of "humanitarian" Roman Catholic NATO), is located not in Libya, but in Europe, and that the France & UK attack responds to the necessity of the Holy See foreign policy in to further continue to build the Roman Catholic, papal and anti-Protestant Europe.

The hysteria in the attack had the purpose to further isolate Germany in the international context, and to use it to enforce Paris at the expenses of Berlin inside EU. As usual UK, when it treats to attack the center of the Continent, never fail a shot and joined Sarkozy in the crusade against Germ-ibya.

Significantly just a pair of weeks before the intervention (attack to Gaddafi started on 19th March) Slovenia, a critical country for the access to the Mediterranean sea for the North Europe, the one not inclined to respect the 'vicarious' of Rome as spiritual guide, started an official visit in France and his government announced the will to enter in the s.c. "German-France European train" which is a net of agreements as regards the economy and the public budget which should stabilize and strengthen the economy:

9.3.11 19:19

(March 9th)

"...........Ad hoc Working Group on the German-French pact, at today's meeting with PM, Borut Pahor agreed on slovenian supplements the pact and sent them to Berlin. As is now the Prime Minister, in his talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel "more or less clear that the majority of these comments were taken into account. "

At the meeting, Prime Minister of the ad hoc working group found that about six, maybe they will eventually be five, the requirements imposed by the Franco-German proposals for Slovenia generally acceptable. "Slovenia has an opportunity to also join this pact," after a joint meeting of parliamentary committees for EU affairs and finance, where they discussed the starting point for Friday's informal summit of the euro, said Pahor........"


Borut Pahor, head of government of Slovenia, announced that the European Paris-Berlin train is important to exit from a situation of hard crisis where now Slovenia is lying. Then it arrives the war in Libya. A day before the attack there's the announce that, after the important visit of Borut Pahor in France occurred at the beginning of this month the same, in June German prime minister Merkel will arrive in Slovenia, precisely the 17th June 2011. Clear that the condition for a partnership will change greately. Are changing, pardon. The attack to Gaddafi is framing Borut, whose recent visits to Gaddafi exposed him like another "personal friend" of the colonel. For this reason it is better to not allow him to encounter Merkel when the French attack is weakening Germany. Significantly the visit of Borut in Libya, a man of center-left, occurred in a period of time where the visits of the center-right Berlusconi to his friend (and commercial partner) Gaddafi aroused scandal in Italy. Did Berlusconi, in exchange of free hand for Italy in Slovenia, say a pair of good words for Pahor to the ears of Gaddafi?? Now all that is from day to day acquiring more weight in the political theater of Slovenia. Significantly the clowns of center left, are filling the cultural scenario of Slovenia with theatrical farces diverting the attention away from the high corruption of the same authorities protecting them (see the comic "Last Termina(l)tor" presented in all the Slovenian theaters, built on my avatar and figure and on my activity in Internet).

But as just the first French missiles started to hit the anti-aircraft radars of Gaddafi, a new scandal exploded in Europe, the scandal of the corrupted members of the European parliament. Just for a coincidence there were journalists of the Sunday Times, i.e. of the country which is the joyful ally of Sarkozy in the bombing of Libya (and isolation of Germany), to discover three members of the EU parliament who agreed in to receive bribes in exchange of certain votes. The three members were an Austrian, a Romanian and a Slovene (***). After the scandal I heard no more about the entry of Slovenia in the "French-German train", meanwhile before you heard about it in every occasion. For the Germans the Slovenes are now no more reliable, and are considered a potential threat which could play the double game for the interests of others.

But if the Sunday Times could have success in the work to make appear Slovenia not reliable for a German partnership in the North Adriatic, that international obscure net of diplomacy which historically works always for the implementation of the Counter Reformation, provided the government of Borut Pahor with the consolation of the economical partnership with the "Slovane brother", the Russia of Putin. And this with the impressive timing of just some days after the painful explosion of the scandal of the corrupted Slovenian MP in the EU parliament, Zoran Thaler. The thirsty of earning of the Kremlin has so been satisfied gaining to him more space for economical maneuvers in the Balkans. After the visit of Slovenia, meanwhile the French aircrafts were hitting with more intensity the Colonel's forces, Putin arrived in Belgrade and promised well 800 millions of Euro to renew transport structures in Serbia. Miracles of the "ecumenical" spirit of the Holy See, which is very hungry and wants to devour some hundreds of millions of Schismatics in order to enlarge her filthy religious buttocks in Europe. With the Balkan economical toy in the hands now Putin & gang are very busy and don't have more time at disposition to dedicate to the old friend Gaddafi. Note on how the Kremlin turned the head from the other side when Serbia was hardly beaten by NATO. Now the Kremlin is playing the fool and meanwhile is saying that "we didn't forget our Serbian Orthodox brothers!", they are turning the head from the other side to not see how the old friend of Serbia, Gaddafi, who was an Islamic really friend of the Orthodoxies and not like the Jesuit Muslims of UCK, is now stabbed at the back by the same Roman Catholic, papal NATO. Really, the worms of Satan never forget their traitorous habits!

At this point, and I am speaking of a pair of days ago, it appeared a significant television service in the Slovenian public television, the one with black lists created by the priests (from an article of magazine "Mladina") to control the ones having the right to appear in public (the authors of "Last Termina(l)tor" are the welcomed inTelevision Slovenia), a television under formal center-left control. The correspondent in Libya, Karmen Švegl , exposed the un-existence of proofs as regard the presence of the "Gaddafi's mercenaries". In a visit to a detention center where the uprising forces are detaining the alleged mercenaries, the television of Slovenia could show that the document exhibited as "proof of the existence of the mercenaries of Gaddafi" were an hoax, at least as regard the case involved that particular prison. Identification cards of the consulates or embassy of Gambia and similar, with value similar of the one of the Mickey Mouse club fan card, were presented as proof of the criminal activity of some black Africans kept in the prison. The same correspondent exhibited her doubts. Below some pics I could do in the last moments of the television service which arose certain murmurs in Slovenia (below it follows a sequence of five pictures):

Pic # 1: translator reading the "proof" (personal documents)

Pic # 2: the same translator seems to be perplexed: "damn, but what did they give to me?"

Pic # 3: some of the alleged "Gaddafi's mercenaries" whose documents have been presented at the guise of a proof for their involvement in the murders.

Pic # 4: a soldier of the uprising forces showing the prison.

Pic # 5: the inner prison.

A sort of preoccupation in the heads of the Slovenian government or a casual discovery by a journalist team of the Slovenian television? In any case I imagine that Karmen and her troupe are in a danger, because Libya is filled with (alleged) "Gaddafi's snipers".
But now the games are ended. Slovenia is remained with the consolation of the Russian economical partnership for the promise (typical sailor's promise) of the building of the south gas pipeline through the Balkans. This consolation is the anesthetic to not feel the pain provoked by the Italian teeth every day digging more deep holes inside the economical, cultural, social life of Slovenia, where the woodworm of the Italianization are living and working hard. The woodworms are kept alive with the oxigen of a country reduced at level of de-cerebration (see the comic theatrical piece "Last Termina(l)tor").
And Germany? Germany is isolated and the government in serious political trouble as it is practically defeated by the center-left coalitions. And meanwhile Berlin is thinking to Slovenia like a false partner, the foreign minister of the Holy See, Franco Frattini, show to her the legs of Italy. FrancoFrattini is exercising with an isolated and frustrated Germany the usual "most ancient profession" of the humanity, a profession in which diplomatic Italy is the best example in the historical world scenario. Remember only the Italian betrayals of the First and Second world war. Mussolini always was enemy to Hitler, and always hoped in a changing of fronts, in an alliance with Britain in order to create the "Great Italy" at the expensed of Germans and of the Slovenes and Croats.
Today only God knows what the secular not-official spokesman of the papacy and of the Jesuits, (Frattini alias the "Italian" minister), will ask (for the benefit of saint peter square) to Germany in exchange of an intermediation in the diplomatic clash Germany vs French/UK, intermediation which will solve some problems of international isolation of Berlin. Prostitute foreign diplomacy of Italy shows to be just from the beginning on the side of French diplomacy, because that "French vs Italy" war is smelling of a well planned farce played to fool Berlin. The true plunder are not the oil fields of Libya, which are considered only bones for the diplomatic dogs of Paris and Chigi palace (Rome), to pay them for the bloody comedy played in the south coasts of the Mediterranean sea. The true plunder is the definitive stop of the German influx in the South East Europe, represented by the nationality of those three corrupted EU parliament members, Austria, Romania and Slovenia. And the substitution of it by a crypt Roman Catholic Kremlin. In the recent visit in Slovenia, Putin visited the little Schismatic church built by Russian prisoners (**) during the First conflict:

Above image – honor guard of Russians soldiers in Slovenia - "Russian chapel" (Ceremony of 2001).

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Minister and Putin at Brdo primarily on economic issues

Prime Ministers of Slovenia and Russia, Borut Pahor, Vladimir Putin, are today's talks at Brdo pri Kranju, focusing on economic issues. After the meeting, said Putin, who has time on his first official visit to Slovenia, Russia, in addition to cooperation in the energy sector also interested in high technology, the Minister has specifically mentioned the construction....

BRDO PRI KRANJ> view project South Stream gas pipeline, Putin at a joint press conference after the talks said that despite concerns that Turkey is not threatened, but several possible replacementalternatives. Moreover, it believes that this project will be mutually beneficial and reliable supplies from Slovenia and other European countries with energy. "
Both the Prime Minister reaffirmed the traditionally good and friendly relations between the two countriesand recalled their common Slavic roots. Putin also expressed gratitude to the Slovenian concern for the Russian Chapel under Vršič. STA......"

© 2011 Primorske Novice
Vse pravice pridržane


And belopw there is an article of 2007 for the usual traditional commemoration which takes place every year. Hence thist year there was the 95th anniversary, because the tragedy occured on March 1916!!!

Praises Slovenian - Russian relations
The memory of Russian soldiers
Kranjska Gora, 29.07.2007, 21:33 | STA / V.L.

“....Russian chapel below Vršič has become a monument of Slovenian Russian friendship was at the ceremony stressed by Minister Rupel.

Russian chapel below Vršič memory of World War I dead Russian prisoners has become a unique symbol of friendship and cooperation between Russia and Slovenia. On the diplomatic level, the cooperation started 15 years ago and has since progressed to the enviable dynamism. These are today's ceremony at the 91st anniversary of the Russian Chapel Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel and Vice-President of the Russian Duma Lyubov Sliska and we also wanted to make it so in the future.....
.Russian Chapel, a unique monument
Russian Chapel under Vršič can be characterized as a unique monument was confident Sliska. "The question the best feelings for Slovenes to Kranjskogorcev that all these many years, carefully maintaining the chapel and the memory of our compatriots,"he said, adding that it certainly shows the high spirit and soul of the Slovenian nation wide.
."I am convinced that the Russian Chapel, which has become a real symbol of friendship and mutual affection, to continue meeting place and will continue to be personified the high spiritual principles of relations between peoples and will contribute to further deepening of understanding between the two nations'

Vice-President of the Russian Duma, Lyubov Sliska


A great commemoration with the presence of Russian officials doing the honor guard. This year, the 2011, there's the 95th anniversary of the building of the "Russian chapel", and the evident allusion of the war of the Council of Trent against Luther and his 95 Thesis is visible. The coincident arrival of the pope in May of this year, two months later, in the extreme south top of Amber Path, is perfectly synchronized with the Continuing Counter Reformation war of the Jesuit order!!! Such commemorations are recalling to us that the destruction of the three empires in Eurasia (plus one in the Middle East) was a Roman Catholic agenda. Blessing the Schismatic church built by Russian prisoners in the Roman Catholic Slovenia, is the perfect theological sign of the blessing of a Roman Catholic good work performed by (once) Schismatics, in to fight a war which destroyed both Hapsburg and German Protestant empire, and also the heretic Schismatic Romanov empire. That war was a "Roman Catholic good work" if fought by Italians and Russians who now can be pardoned by the pope of Rome and welcomed in the Roman Catholic world nation. And a guilty if fought by the Austrians and Germans, whose cemeteries here are practically destroyed and forgot like the ones of the cursed heretics. This will be underlined by the next visit, a very important and historical visit, of the 'divine' emperor of Rome, the pope Benedict XVI, in the seat of once Aquileia Patriarchate (extreme south top of Amber Path). Just some kilometers far from Aquileia/Oglej there is the giant mausoleum "Redipuglia" containing the rests of thousands of Italian soldiers who died in the First world conflict. They are the one really blessed by the pope in the next May, the rest is only papal bullshit. Blessed for the Roman Catholic good works to have destroyed the enemies of Rome in Europe, as well are blessed their successors like foreign minister (of the Holy See) Franco Frattini, who are doing their Romanist good works today for the glory of the blasphemous 'vicarious' of Rome.

Corrections: I was in an hurry and couldn't correct all the text. After some hours I discovered an error, whose correction further confirmed my message! Correction: " In 2015 year it will be the 95th anniversary of the building, " is not correct because referred to the 91st anniversary occured in 2007.... But this year there was the 95th anniversary of the tragedy of the Russian chapels, in coincidence of the visit of the pope in Amber Path south!!!!
Corrected also minor errors

(*) Sunday, March 27, 2011
The Pope at the Fosse Ardeatine to remember the victims of retaliation: The violence is the result of any war on humans (Izzo)
Salvatore Izzo

(AGI) - Vatican, March 27

Hosted by the chief rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni, and chairman of the National Association of Italian families of the martyrs who died for their freedom 'of the country, Rosina Stamen, who invited him, Benedict XVI' came to the Ardeatine to commemorate the 67th anniversary dell'eccidio which was completed March 24, 1967 (error, some tens of years before!! Or is an allusion? - avles).
Next to the Pope the Cardinal Vicar, Agostino Vallini, and dean emeritus of St. Paul, Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, son of the colonel's military strength was a victim of Rome with 334 other prisoners of retaliation following the attack of Via Rasella killed 33 SS "Polizeiregiment Bozen.
Among those killed, who were all male, about 75 Jews detained in accordance with the general mopping and waiting to be undertaken in a concentration camp, other political prisoners were taken from cells of Regina Coeli, others via Tasso, other still raked the street and finally held for many common crimes, and two boys aged 15.
Representing the Government and 'the present Undersecretary Gianni Letta, always one step by the Pope in the path to the entrance of the shrine, during which Benedict XVI and' stop over 'times to greet the relatives of victims who were behind the fence , exchanging handshakes and words with virtually all of them. By Letta also the general Vittorio Barbato, Commissioner General for honoring the war dead and the captain Francesco Sardone, Director of the Mausoleum. Before entering the shrine the Pontiff and 'stopped in front of the plaque with the names of 335 fallen while he was laid a basket of flowers carried by the Vatican. Then the card. Montezemolo explained to him briefly the rending mode 'of the discovery of the bodies, which involves' eighteen.
Pope Ratzinger and Rabbi Di Segni then they prayed in silence in front of the tombstone-free celebratory rhetoric, but equally solemn and expressive of the plight of the 335 coffins and compressed by the weight of the immense stone "floating" metaphysically one meter from the ground and covers with its shadow space dug into the intricacies' of tufa quarries connected to it by a single path that leads the visitor from place to place of burial dell'eccidio: the main quarry that was blown up with dynamite by the Nazis to clear for Always remember the shameful act.
The German Pope has wanted to be remembered continuing his painful pilgrimage to the places that symbolize the Nazi horror.
© Copyright (AGI)

(**) ".......The Russian Chapel at Vršič (Slovene: Ruska kapela na Vršiču) is a Russian Orthodox chapel located on the high Vršič pass in northwestern Slovenia. It was built by Russian prisoners of war engaged in forced labor in the area during World War I.......

In early 1915, the small town of Kranjska Gora was suddenly rendered strategically important by its proximity to the Isonzo Front. In order to ease access to the front, the Austro-HungarianVršič, a 1611 m pass between the Sava and Soča river valleys, to be built by Russian POWs.[1] authorities ordered the construction of a military road across

The road was begun in May 1915, and was completed by the end of the year. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of materiel to the front lines, the pass was to be kept traversable year-round, and the POWs were made to clear the road of heavy snowfall. On 8 or 12 March 1916 (sources vary), an avalanche of snow buried a POW work camp, killing approximately 300 prisoners and about 10 guards..........."

(***) Today, Sunday 27th March 2011, the evening television news of first Slovenian public channel, announced a fourth corrupted MP of EU parliament, a Spanish one. What a wonderful timing with the publication of the present message!
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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