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Rehabilitation of murderous Pacelli and Jesuit-Marxist aggression against anti-Jesuit exposition of historical truth


You have to not worry, Roman Catholicism is now attacking, using the television and the fiction. The mini-serial "Sotto il Cielo di Roma" ("Under the Sky of Rome") dealing with pope Pacelli, has been broadcasted in the second channel of the public television broadcast corporation RAI, with symbolic despise and at the same time satanic satisfaction (for the destruction of the Lutheranism in Europe by the Jesuit's Counter Reformation World Wars), in two episodes, exactly the 31st October and 1st November. The allusion to the Day of the Reformation and the sequent Day of the Remembrance of the Dead is a message referred to the destruction and to the consequent funeral of the Lutheranism in the European Continent. As confirmation, the day of the second and conclusive episode, Monday the 1st November, was accompanied by another episode of the cultural talk show "L'infedele"/"The infidel", whose anchorman is the court Jew Gad Lerner, on the Jesuit-Vatican channel "La 7" or "The 7" (an allusion to the 7 Hills of the famous Whore). The argument of the program was the new Jesuit manifesto drawn up by the famous Roman Catholic Italian imitation of Karl Marx, the atheist Roman Catholic as well engaged intellectual of the cultural Counter Reformation in Marxist version Umberto Eco. The title of the new Jesuitical anti-conspirationist manifesto is "Il cimitero di Praga"/"The cemetery of Prague", with which the Italian scribbler is sure to reach the same fame gained with the previous "Il nome della Rosa"/"The name of the Rose", transformed in the well known movie-spot for the Jesuitical positivism. For more than two hours, a squad of openly declared Marxists, Roman Catholics (Introvigne), Masons (Raffi of Grande Oriente d'Italia involved with the propaganda of the Foibe in the Primorje/Amber Path South a pair of years ago during the election for the Great Master) and a (traitor) Jew, spitted their well paid poisonous cultural hate even on the same concept of "conspirationist theory", labeling it as "surrogate of the sexual life". As confirmation that they follow, read and study (with preoccupation of course ) the sources of information which are exposing the church of Rome and especially the Jesuit order as controllers of the world, they explicitly united "Jews", "Jesuits" and "masons" under the term of "innocent victims of the paranoia". For the first time, an official program openly involved the Jesuit order as object of defamation/attack.

I have no time to deal with the attack of these infamous academic puppets of the Jesuits, but I'll return on it in the future, when I'll have the necessary time for it. It is of great significance the fact that they chose a talk show directed by a (court) Jew to defend, attacking the ones who are exposing the truth on the church of Rome, one of the most diligent executors of the assassin orders of Wlodimir Ledochowsky, pope Pacelli, with an operation of cultural war coordinated between various television channels and the publishing of propaganda books for the defamation of the use of the brain. The attack against the "theories on the Jewish plot" is only the shield under which they hide the preparation of the incoming Roman Catholic Inquisition against the enemies of the church of Rome who don't surrender to the orders of silence and obedience ("RC good works of obedience"). Meanwhile in the same time the church of Rome blesses the Holocaust denial (bishop Williamsom welcomed by Ratzy the Nazi), at the same time wears the dresses of the "Jew victim of the hate" when the truth on the Jesuit order comes at the light of the sun as pertains - for example - the Jesuit core of the Himmler's SS. Following this refined calibration of thesis and antithesis, the intellectual cretinism tried to fulfill the goals of the modern cultural Counter Reformation. But in a talk show purposely realized with a coreographed provocation for all those spectators who still perceive to have a soul in the hearth, a soul to be heard and not the dirty money checks those academics receives from their masters for having intellectually licked their venerable assess, the Roman Catholicism fully revealed itself. Because the use of the imaginary - target of their intellectual hate - pertains to the same immateriality of the Faith, and the Faith must be murdered in order to open the path to the adoration of the Romanist salvation through the material actions. a religious spiritual homicide - and the related assassin - which cannot remain for the eternity invisible. It is the same God to push him under the light of the truth.

The Old Fashioned church of Satan in Rome used the pure superstition. Today the New Version of the same church of Satan elaborated the superstition purging it from the last residual presence of God and naming it "positivism". This is the New Ignorance, which that bunch of intellectual Jesuitical scum (I am sure some of them are reading just these lines) sees as only and unique way of salvation, the "positivist" slavery to the material world of ignorant actions. Below, the quick-Google-translation of the Italian page of the movie about the serial killer of heretic "pope Pacelli" (Second Thirty Years War/Greatest Roman Catholic purge in Eurasia 1914-1945):

From: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sotto_il_cielo_di_Roma

Under the sky of Rome

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Under the sky of Rome is a television miniseries in two episodes co-produced by Italy and Germany. It was broadcast by RAI 1 from 31 October to 1 November 2010

Production [edit]

The miniseries, consisting of 2 episodes each lasting 100 minutes, is co-produced by Rai Fiction, Lux Vide, Eos Entertainment, tellux, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Rai Trade. The producers are Matilde and Luca Bernabei, with the collaboration of Martin choroba; Fabrizio Bettelli has written the story, and together with Francis Arlanch also wrote the screenplay. It is directed by Canadian Christian Duguay.

Plot [edit]

After 'Cassibile armistice with the Allies, published in 'sSeptember 8 in 1943, most of the peninsula was invaded by the Germans.
A Roma remained the only point of reference for the people oppressed by the Nazi invaders is the Pope Pius XII , despite the proposed flight, he decided to stay close to the Romans. The first move of the occupants is blackmail against the Jews will have to deliver 50 kilos of gold to the occupying forces of Nazism, or 200 of them will be killed. The Jewish community is now working to collect the gold to, are part of the Jews also Armando Lorenzi, bookseller and printer illegal, his daughter Miriam and David, and in love with her own age, who earns a living from the black market. Marco, a university student not jew, fought in the Resistance.
Fearing an imminent sweep of the ghetto, the Pope conducts talks with Army General Rainer Stahel, military commander of Rome and devout believer, and is home to Jews in convents and seminaries, trying to limit casualties. Despite several reminders of some prelates, however, refuses to make statements against the Germans or to expose themselves in any way, fearing to provoke violent retaliation against the Roman invasion and the Vatican, well aware of the existence of a plan for his abduction.
On October 16, is a first sweep of the ghetto that involves about 1,000 Jews, including Armando. Miriam manages to escape and hide, working as a maid in a wealthy family, will be saved and taken to the convent shortly after David and Mark.
General Stahel, at the request of Pope Pius XII, can be recognized as sacred places Vatican territory, but many officers incensed by the hostile policy of the Church, it seems clear, and is transferred and replaced by SS General Karl Wolff.
Meanwhile, the monasteries, after opening to Jewish refugees, were soon filled and several prelates have expressed the difficulty of keeping all the lack of food, the Pope then has to increase stocks and, in a cryptic radio address, the accommodate everyone. The Jews are well camouflaged among the clergy.
The extraterritoriality does not stop, however, the SS, which burst with the Blackshirts in the sacred places, starting from the convent run by Pfeiffer in which they find and arrest some Jews. Within three months of resistance preparing false documents for refugees, so they can leave the occupied zone.
On 23 March 1944 is the 'attack via Rasella: the Holy See is concerned about the safety retaliatory German but can not do anything. Mark escapes from the convent where he was hiding to join fellow; David tries to stop him, but a German patrol discovered them and Mark is killed.
Meanwhile the allied advance continues northward, and the Nazis in awe for the implementation of the kidnapping of the Pope, but there is no time to retreat. General Wolff met Pius XII at the Vatican to ask him to deal with the Allies on behalf of Germany, but agrees after he refused to retreat without bloodshed.
On June 4, the Allies enter Rome, which is free at last, the Pope decided to leave the Holy See, without escort, to meet the people excited. David and Miriam is married with Jewish ritual and begin a new life.

Plays [edit]

The first episode of the miniseries, aired on 31 October 2010, was followed by 4.894 million viewers, with a share of 20.64%[1]. The second episode, broadcast on 1 November 2010, but was watched by 5,727,000 viewers, with a share of 20.63%[2].

Critical [edit]

The fiction has been the subject of strong criticism from historians and representatives of the Roman Jewish community because of incidents recounted in fact from fiction never happened and for not having described the more ambiguous aspects of the Pope's[3]. In particular, it is a false history of the pope's intervention to stop the roundup in the ghetto of Rome: no one intervened and the fascists were able to safely complete the action. In addition, the non-fiction shows even a militant fascist and this was interpreted as revisionist as it actually remove the responsibility of the fascists in the extermination of the Jews, in implementing the Final Solution, and the harassment of the civilian population in rebellion against cruenza partisan.[citation needed]

Notes [edit]

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See how the church of 26th Jesuit general Wlodimir Ledochowsky used its pope and his encyclica to detect inside the Roman Catholic herd the opponents to the Roman Catholic Hitler and the project of the incoming religious continental purge which cleaned Eurasia from the enemies of Rome, Jews, Protestants and Lutherans, Orthodoxies, Liberals, untrustworthy Roman Catholics, open-minded, simple Christians, etc. (here and here in the below messages, it could be to find "Pacelli" in turn of "Pious XI", or similar, sometimes I attributed the encyclica to the wrong pope - in any case it absolutely doesn't change the sense of its use):

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