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Jesuit and Calvinist question in Amber Path


I sent some comments of mine on the post "Masonry and the South Capitol Mall-Kleinknecht's Explaination?" in Douglas Willinger's South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall blog. A following comment of Douglas Willinger gave me the opportunity to expose some of my thoughts on the argument "RCC, Masonry, Counter Reformation and Calvinism /Lutheranism question", an argument which involves in the first line just the Amber Path area of Central Europe:


Blogger Douglas A. Willinger said...

" This is a particular about the hammer. Wasn't the Catholic sect founded by the heirs of the Mysteric/Satanic Religion of Babylon? Aren't they linked with the Levite's priests of the Pharaophs? Didn't wear the bishps the same fish-hat of their ancient colleagues of Sumeria? Tuchulcha, the Etruscan god of the Underworld, didn't use an hammer to catch you with him at the end of your life? When the pope dies, don't hit his assistants three times his temples with a silver hammer? MASONRY IS THE OCCULT HARM OF THE VATICAN..." -

Since Masonry predates the RCC (with the 1500s-1700s masonic explosion a counter reformation ploy to subvert Protestant and other non RCC governments), the RCC can be viewed as the 'GUI' (graphical user interface) for the masonic ancient regime- represented by the double-headed eagle, with Constantine recieving a crown that was masonic:

2:37 AM

I sent him an answer:

In this case the GUI killed the user. When Napoleon arrived in TS he stayed in the Triest governor's seat, and the governor was Josehp pompeo de Brigido, brother of the Michael, the archbishop of Ljubljana, mason, trained (and probably a priest too) by Jesuits of Graz. Michael de Brigido was member of Prague lodge in TS. Napoleon didn't only destroy the Venetian republic, as Calvinist John Eric Phelps continually repeat, but desttroyed also Holy Germnan Roman empire, and destroyed the Republic of Naples, thanks riots instigated with the helps of Masons of TS....

But what hides that argument? Remember that the appreciation to Venice today comes from a Calvinist, EJP. I have the opposite opinion on Venice. Unfortunately today we have only a Calvinist preacher, and not a Lutheran one, to expose the society of Jesus. Hohenzollern were the nightmare of Jesuits because they could have occupied the Hapsburg emperial throne or influenced it. Hohenzollern refers not properly to the Lutheran but to the reformed-Calvinist one. To the Jesuits the true terror was not only them but what was behind them, Lutheran Prussia. Reformed Hohenzollern have been fooled by Jesuits and RCC, with the alliance where Unification of Italy was built. I believe that Calvinism, of course if we don't assume the great part of honest Calinists who aren't aware of certain games behind the curtains, historically seen is a product to contrast the Lutheran Reform or acted in such a way. Is therefore possible to say: "Put Reform against Reform"? Calvinism and Lutheranism were deadly enemies in the past. The same Trubar could have been a product of Calvinist Venice in order to destabilize the empire and he always was constrained to defend himself from the accuses to be follower of Zwingli. For this reason when I see all that animosity against the "double headed eagle", coming from the Calvinist side I have my well founded suspects. Because a German "holy etc." empire was protecting also Lutherans. And the true target of the hate against that "double-headed eagle", was probably this protection. No empire? No protection! But the facts are unquestionable, today we have:

1) LUTHERAN Prussia exterminated;

2) an East Germany predominantely LUTERAN heavily punished by fifty years of Communism;

3) West Germany, predominantly ROMAN CATHOLIC and CALVINIST, heavily "awarded" with the well known German post-war economical boom.

It is sufficient that map of 1618 to see that the true target was properly the Lutheranism and not the generic Protestant one:

Source of the image:
From the page "Religionen in Deutschland" -

.....and to compare it with an old map of the divided Germany (1945-1990):

Source of the map: ", die Ratgeber Community" -

So as you can see, inside the Continuing Counter Reformation there are other distinction to do, and to continue to keep "all the Protestants united in the same black sea" doesn't help to see the true strategies of the Continuing Counter Reformation. The Evangelical Lutheran church of TS, the one on the top of that MASONIC triangle whose cornerstone is the RC cathedral of s. Just/san Giusto, and witnesses in a definitive way about the infiltration of the Jesuitism inside herself, but an infiltration which led to the definitive destruction of the Lutheran world with 1945 end of Rome's Greatest religious purge (1914-1945). A purge which didn't erase Calvinism from the world (anyway, it could follow the same destiny, if no more useful for Rome). The "lutheran" church of Trieste/Triest/Trst has the bells whose metal comes from the French guns melted after the German victory of 1870, the victory which helped the Unification of Italy which helped the destruction of Hapsburg empire/Hohenzollern empire/Romanov empire which helped the extermination of the first Lutheran/Protestant state in the world which helped......:

".....4) - This is the “Evangelical Lutheran church” of Trieste. She deserves something more than a brief explanation in a legend, so I postpone the exposition of it in a later message: opportunistic Protestantism is involved with the building of the Italian Unification and the strategic role (a trap?) of the Savoy-Prussian alliance in the Capture of Rome is a theme too rich of obscure sides to be dealt in the few lines of a legend. I remember months ago about an “ecumenical” meeting held inside the church, to which participated a member of the local industry family Illy. Illy family claims to be “Waldesians and Calvinists”, but they are linked with the Jesuits in their trade of coffee in India as I discovered in an old page of their advertisement site (***). The upper horizontal line joining the church with the other top of the rectangle, the Palazzo di Giustizia, should have been moved towards South in order to encounter the top of the other lines coming from the Golden Mary and from the saint Just cathedral. In any case are differences with no importance, instead to consider true Euclidean lines without thickness which exists only in the abstract mathematical world (is this too an illusion of the “burgeois idealism” as are teaching us the Marxists?) you can consider bands with a certain thickness of tolerance. In fact the concrete colored lines you see on that map are bands.

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Rat-lines - 2 or: Rome, the Mother of All the Cornerstones

Source of the map:
Sunday, January 17, 2010
Rat-lines - 1 or: The Triangle of Virgo - conclusion and new start

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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