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13th July 2010: Tri-national HOMAGE to Wlodimir Ledochowsky in Trieste


Tomorrow, 13th July, the presidents of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy will join in the city of Trieste an 'historical' meeting accompanied by a mega-orchestra performing the "concert of the peace" in 'honor' to the reached atmosphere of 'peace' and collaboration in the Mitteleuropean area facing Adriatic sea:,_Italian_and_Slovenian_heads_of_state

Friendship concert brings together Croatian, Italian and Slovenian heads of state
Croatian Times
A so-called "Concert of Friendship" has been organised to bring together the heads of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, Slovenian Danilo Turk and Italian Giorgio Napolitano have been invited to attend the event.

The orchestra and the choir will be made up of musicians from all three countries, and the performance will take place at the Trieste’s square Unita d’Italia under the conducting of Riccardo Muti.

The concert planned for 13 July in Trieste, Italy, takes place on the 90th anniversary of a massacre of Slovenian minorities in the former Hotel Balkan now housing the university Faculty of Slavic Studies.

In 1920 Italian right-wing activists set the hotel ablaze in revenge for the murder of two Italians in Split.

Slovenians now say the attack was the first act of fascism and want the event to be recognised.

Italy meanwhile has said it does not want to enter the discussions, but sees the meeting as a sign of future cooperation and friendship within "a Europe without borders."

No, on that 13th July 1920 there was not a massacre. The Fascist squads, in to perform what later the Italian (a serious man, not the usual Italian clown of whom the peninsula today is counting at least 60 millions of engaged amateurish hobbyists) historian Renzo de Felice described as “the first technical test for the Mussolini's squads in Italy”, died only one or two Slovenians. That morning the squads of Mussolini gathered and – as usual – protected by the Carabineers' army, reached the “Balkan Hotel”/”Narodni Dom” to fire it. The true physical massacre started with WWII, if we forget the usual murders during the punishment raids or the executions in front of firing squads. Nuts if compared with the job of the criminals of war Roatta & Robotti.

The fact is that the Fascist fire of the Narodni dom (in the same day it was attacked also the Narodni Dom in Pula/Pola), the center of the Slovenian and Croatian economical, political, cultural life in the Irredentist city of Trieste, was the shot of start for the most horrible religious purge of Eurasia.

The Strategy of Wladimir Ledochowsky to eradicate not only the usual religious enemies, but especially the inner heresy in the same Roman Catholic herd, is very visible: the Balkan policy of Mussolini, advised by the Jesuit order in the person of monsignor Jesuit Pietro Tacchi-Venturi, was the model of the ethnic way to follow in order to implement a religious cleaning in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler followed two decades after with the “Drang nach Osten”, instigating the automatic bloody answer from his Roman Catholic brother, Joseph Stalin.

Then,after all those material sufferences and millions of corpses, the spiritual goal of the Counter Reformation made himself more pragmatic, and materialized himself then in a term: “Intermarium project”.

After the WWII and the fall of the Berlin's wall, the present Europe is coming back in that pre-WWII age of history, filled with many Fascist-puppet states of the Intermarium dreams, more or less 'independent' or occupied by the Nazi-Fascist (or Stalin's) forces. The Yugo has been attacked and then occupied by the new Roman Catholic European empire of the pope, this “EU”. And fragmented again, as happened seventy years ago, in the today's carbon-copy replicas of the puppet-states born from the occupation of Hitler and Mussolini.

Then the center-east Europe sees the re-birth of the old Roman Catholic dictatorial banana republics of Slovakia, Hungary,
Czech .

And the Schismatic countries of south-east Europe has been too resuscitated, in order to be completely assimilated in the Pontifical intestine which will convert them in Roman Catholic fat. And so on.

Only one nation, one state, wasn't taken to a second birth.

This state, a little state, is the Lutheran Prussia. And I underline “Lutheran” and don't use the general ambiguous term “protestant”, because the FIRST Protestant state of the world is born directly under the patronage of LUTHER, Martin Luther.

So, this is the only state which is not re-appeared on the stage of this religious continental circus named “European Union” after the end of WWII and after the fall of the Wall. If today the Roman Catholic Slovakia and Slovenia are independent and flourishing, if Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are a matter of fact meanwhile Lutheran Prussia is disappeared also from the geographical maps, it would mean something.

Precisely it means that the EU, this Europe, is built on the religious grave of Lutheran Prussia. And that this Europe cannot exist in no else way than as an expression
of the total denial of that little but scary religious nightmare in North East Europe, which still is disturbing the sleeps of the priests, cardinals, popes and Jesuits of Rome:

"The Prussian Homage or Tribute (German: Preußische Huldigung; Polish: hołd pruski) was the formal investment of Albert of Prussia as duke of the Polish fief of Ducal Prussia.
In the aftermath of the armistice ending the Polish-Teutonic War Albert, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and a member of the House of Hohenzollern, visited Martin Luther at Wittenberg and soon thereafter became sympathetic to Protestantism. On April 10, 1525, two days after signing of the Treaty of Kraków, in the market of the Polish capital Kraków, Albert resigned his position as Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights to become a Lutheran and receive the title "Duke of Prussia" from his uncle King Zygmunt I the Old of Poland. In a deal partially brokered by Luther, the Duchy of Prussia became the first Protestant state, anticipating the Peace of Augsburg of 1555. Nevertheless investiture of Protestant fief of Duchy of Prussia was better for Poland for geostrategic reasons than Catholic fief of State of Teutonic Order in Prussia, formally subjected to the Holy Roman Emperor and Papacy.............".

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Amber Path North: Oder-Neisse Fallout

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No German Suicide Bombers over Danzig, East Prussia, etc.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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