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De-crypting the Democratic language of the Counter Reformation

From Craig Oxely’ forum:

The Venetian Republic was the first type of free society ever to exist in Europe,
and it was destroyed by the Jesuits. The Jesuits ruined by homeland. Sometimes I cry when I walk
through Venice. We were a superpower! Everybody came to Venice to escape exetremists and
dictators and tyrannts.

Venice was like America.


Since the French and American revolution the monarchic power based on families knew no else than a constant decline which led to the full extinction of the typical Middle Age society. But the Middle Age in itself is not yet disappeared. At the opposite, for a paradox, the Middle Age expresses itself just in this kind of extinction. To properly declare the complete extinction of the Middle Age we should observe the contemporary vanishing of the other pillar of the medieval societies, but this pillar, instead to follow the monarchies in their destiny, enlarged, strengthened and spread in the world thanks just to that extinction of the secular monarchic pillar. This second pillar is the Vatican and its universal presence in the society named “church of Rome”.

So when we hear today – as well yesterday – a blatant praise for the defeat of the old order of Europe based on the aristocracy, the suspect should sharpen our critical faculties. The enlightened propaganda mixes in the same pot any kind of aristocracy and nobility, melting their goals and finalities, in order to contaminate that part of the Medieval monarchic world, which still had a positive role as dam against the arrogance of Rome, with the infamies of that portion of the aristocracy which supported Rome till the end of its days . It works always in this way: mix a drop of coffee in a glass of milk, and the candid white disappear for ever.

It’s a matter of fact and not an hypothesis that Rome saw among her the most fierce enemies just the same concept of “bloodline”. The Vatican knows that the blood tie is the strongest among the bonds in the human society, and the prohibition of the marriage for their priests explains that. If to be a priest it means that you married the church and hence you cannot betray your ‘wife’, if that – with unwanted self irony – spiritual marriage has the prominence on every marriage or human relation on the earth, it is a logical consequence that the Enemy N. 1 of Rome is the family tout-court and its natural, spontaneous tying force, a force that incessantly constitutes a threat to the discipline of her system of dominance. All that not only explains the obsessive presence of homosexuality and pedophilia inside the church of Rome (forget please the recent cosmetic opportunistic condemnation of it by pope Ratzinger), whose role is to be the infective vector to weaken the basis of the generic human community based on the family and hence on the blood ties, whatever could be the social class, the ethnic belonging etc. All that is a theme worth of a dedicated blog and it is linked with the racial war pursued with immigration. What interests in this seat is to render clear how Rome, with indefatigable constance, worked to destroy the other pillar of the reign of Christ on earth, the temporal pillar based on the material noble bloodline.

The considerations I am doing here are very simple and obvious, but I don’t remember to have met them in any forum dedicated to the “evil church of Rome”. Years ago I posted a self made translation about the Orsini/Odescalchi/Bracciano castle where the wedding of Tom Cruise with don’t-remember-whom were celebrated following the Scientology ritual. That post of mine was then picked up by Craig Oxley in the Orsini’s (Maximus) thread without to see the truth in it. I too was not completely aware of what that news was really communicating, and only at years of distance I realized that. That post was based on a short description of events occurred in that castle during the Middle Age. The wife of the owner, Isabella de Medici, was famous for the lovers she had. The legend says that she usually wore transparent dresses during meetings with other members of the aristocracy. After she ended the sexual act with a lover – says the legend - she provoked his death with a fall inside an hidden hole near her room. The husband then killed her. As you can see the framing of the adversaries was a very common means of diplomacy – not only in the today’s Bohemian Groove. So that enlightens us about the environment of that aristocracy: perversion, corruption, decadence, satanism, exoterism which were (are) pervading the Italian bloodlines. But what I was not realizing is the fact that those perversions (and related usual occultism) were a formidable tool of Rome to infect and weaken aristocracy. If you go in the Saturnalia section of The Unhived Mind forum, you see an entire encyclopedia about the pagan exoterism of Rome linked with the cult of the stars and of the sexuality. But what is not clear is that this pagan cult couldn’t work without the opposite cult of the sexual morality and religious decency in the public costumes. All that pagan satanic exoterism was created and developed to destroy from the inside the reigning bloodlines turning natural instinct against natural instinct. Cardinals of Rome and the Black Nobility of course don't believe that if you drink wine added with the urine of a virgin in the skull of a Jew you acquire a magical power. So, after having inexorably infected the core of the monarchies, the infection was exposed to the hammer of the public double-moral of the church to receive the final deadly hit. The inner corrosion of the aristocratic world was in this way leaving the space free only for the church of Rome and those few Black Nobility bloodlines controlling (or controlled by?) it.

(Of course Rome still needs to parasite the services that only structures founded on the blood tie can supply. Today the aristocracy has been substituted by another blood tie, more adapt to the goals of Rome and especially more controllable and less dangerous: the spreading in the society of Mafia, Camorra, Ndrangheta etc. are an example of that).

The role of the Masonry, “Free” or not doesn’t matter, is clear when we see the relation “church of Rome/secular aristocracy or nobility” with the most appropriate lenses of a merciless struggle hidden under the appearance of a collaboration between temporal and spiritual power. Masonry has been clearly developed not simply to control that “temporal arm” of Christ, but especially to act as health vector of satanism, occultism, perversion in other words of the virus of decadence and moral corrosion. All that is perfectly confirmed by what we are assisting today: with the end of Romanov, Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, and especially with the definitive end of the last residual traces of that old religious and spiritual Eurasian order, the useless tool of Masonry has become a barrack to demolish. When possible its wreckage is recycled to build stories filled with an ocean of details to confuse the minds. See for example the revelations in the recent years about the secret role of the Masonry in this or that event, to what lodge belongs that politicians, and what did Frederic the Great, etc. Like the armored shelters of the Titan II. Now that they are useless and dismissed, they can be exposed, together their queer symbolic technology, to the public. Discounts shall be applied to school companies.

We can now start to tie all the threads launched in this short analysis. The role of the Masonry in the French and American revolutions (don’t think only to Masonic Washington, but to the very probable visit of General Superior in Washington D.C. in the most crucial years) is more evident now. Rome thinks always following great schemes, designs, ages of time. Well beyond the narrow time border of the life of their members. She doesn’t need of Sun Tzu manual of war because she uses the force of the enemy as a weapon to turn against him at least since her foundation. Better than Ju Jitzu. The same initial Christendom, with its soft but invincible power, was monopolized by the Satanist priests of Rome and used as formidable not-conventional weapon to demolish the most hard fortress. All that you know under the definition: “birth of Roman Catholic Apostolic church of Rome”. With the Modern Age it is possible to identify another epochal changing provoked by the Vatican as epochal battering ram to destroy - under the disguise of a “irreversible time line of the progress” - the ancient bi-polar order. When at the beginning of XVI century Rome definitively realized that the temporal sword was in hands which were not simply competitors for the power in a game which was formally respecting the same theological basis of Rome, but were openly denying the same rules of the theological game and hence the reasons of existence of the master of the game, she improved her not-conventional weapon, added another stage to it and worked hard to create a Multiple Re-entry Vehicle warhead for it. The shock wave of the multiple explosions of that Vatican-Masonic MIRV is known today under the image of that cultural, ideological, political long wave that changed the face and the mind of the earth since the end of XVIII century. It destroyed the last rests of the old order transforming it in a colorless desert of dust named: “Democracy” alias “the dictatorship of the majority” alias “the dictatorship of the mastermind behind majority”.

For not a blind and casual coincidence I choose that excerpt from The Unhived Mind. If the clash “Temporal power/Spiritual power” could have been represented also on the physic geographical map, it is only the Amber Path South, where the Vatican peninsula was bordering the Empire with the Republic of Venice, that can give material substance to the image. And in the same essence of the political power of Venice it is contained the embryo of that future weapon of war to get the final victory on the Temporal sword. Praises to the “freedom” and of the “republic”, when are separated from the past and especially actual context of the Continuing Counter Reformation war, are betraying the ideological use for which they have been created. From the appearance of a true praise for the Freedom, such rhetorical slogan easily can be implemented in the “freedom from any temporal containment of the theological power of Rome”. Far from being a true praise of a political regime free from the oppression of an absolutist monarchy, it can be turned in a praise of a society deprived of a strong power based on the blood tie, whose interests are absolutely not knelt to the designs of Rome and hence are the only valid dam able to contain them.
Don’t worry so if today Venice and her ‘freedom’ is coming back from the grave. The Vatican marketing of today recycles the old wreckage used in the past to weaken the theological enemies. The first military goal for the Jesuit order is to destroy in the society – in all societies, any valid point of reference which could resist to the religious wars of the Vatican. It is for this reason that today you assist to all these celebrations for freedom and democracy, because their appearance (manipulated in the case of the freedom, genuine in the case of democracy) is used to hide a project for a weak, pliant, passive and effeminate society. Without those masculine attributes able to stop a chaos generated and controlled by invisible hands of Rome. The sexual allusion of the falling towers of Manhattan are at the same time a truth and a lie: a truth as concern the destruction of every masculine attribute in the society and in the culture, a lie because are only those temporal religious worlds which don't recognize the pope as their absolute master that have to fall like those towers or: to become effeminate. Meanwhile Rome wears only superficially the pliant dresses of the 'tolerance' and of 'democracy', conserving in her most deep invisible core the assassin masculine attitude of Constantine.

To conclude this short sequence of considerations I quoted other sources which I hope will help to make you understand the true unspoken motives which, often in an unaware way, pushes to embrace a simplistic ideological propaganda. The excerpts below come from the usual Wikipedia and are contained in the German page on Martin Luther. They are not revealing secret information but are common knowledge which, if linked with other information we have about the world, can reveal us what maybe an entire company of insiders would never tell us. I translated the most important passages of the entirely quoted texts (corsive characters), to not break the logical unity. If you want you can put it in a translation machine and read it entirely. The comment of those excerpts? You just read it above.
So pardon me if I am using a vernacular terminology, but it is something more than a picturesque image to say that for more than a millennium of religious war, Rome literally worked to deprive the bloodlines of their testicles, in order to kneel their force based on the biological blood tie. And fulfilled this mission for greater part with the diplomacy and the false friendship instead with a frank enmity. In consequence a society deprived by its ‘bollocks’ is the goal of Rome, and Venice, where the ‘bollocks' if not absent where at least very weak, is a good model of Rome's moral concept of governance - to install in the human mind. When nations and countries lose their hard attributes, Rome can well lavish to them the consolation of the democracy. And to tolerate any kind of heresy, because when you have no more bollocks, you know well what you can do with your heresy......

Konsolidierung der Reformation

Seit 1525 verlor die Reformation ihren Charakter als Volksbewegung und wurde zur Angelegenheit der Landesfürsten, die aus der Niederlage der Bauern gestärkt hervorgingen. Konsequenz der Zwei-Reiche-Lehre wäre eigentlich ein völliger Neuaufbau der Kirche auf alleiniger Basis der reformatorischen Theologie gewesen. Luther hielt jedoch wie die meisten Zeitgenossen eine konfessionelle Vielfalt innerhalb eines Territoriums für undurchführbar und empfahl Andersgläubigen, auszuwandern. Da sich in deutschsprachigen Gebieten zunächst kein katholischer Bischof der Reformation anschloss und eine willkürliche Ausgrenzung Andersgläubiger für Luther von Gott verbotene Amtsanmaßung war, bat er 1525 den sächsischen Kurfürsten darum, als herausragendes Mitglied der Kirche deren Visitation, also die Überprüfung des Klerus auf Glaubenstreue und Amtsführung im Sinne des Evangeliums, anzuordnen. Dieses pragmatische und situationsbedingte Notkonzept wurde bald zur Regel in evangelischen Gebieten und begünstigte dort die Entwicklung zu konfessionellen Landeskirchen, die von den Landesfürsten geschützt, aber auch gelenkt und abhängig waren.

“….As in the German speaking lands at the beginning any Catholic bishop joined the Reformation and an arbitrary exclusion of other believers (?) for Luther was a not legitimate exercise of power by God forbidden, he prayed in 1525 the Electing prince of Saxony to exercise, in the quality of distinguished member of the church, the power of inspection of it, and also the verification upon the fidelity to the belief and the conduit in the administration of the clerics as concerns the Evangelical finality. This pragmatic and by the contingency-dictated practice became soon the rule in the Evangelical lands and facilitated the development of confessional land churches which were protected by the prince of the land, but were also led by him and depending from him.

Reformatorische Hauptschriften

An den christlichen Adel

An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation von des christlichen Standes Besserung

Mit dieser Adelsschrift wendet sich Luther auf Deutsch an die weltlichen Fürsten, denen er die Durchführung der reformatorischen Maßnahmen übertragen will, da die Bischöfe darin nach seiner Meinung versagt haben. Luther argumentiert, dass sich die Romanisten vor der Reformation hinter drei Mauern verstecken: 1. Sie stellen die kirchliche Obrigkeit über die weltliche. 2. Wenn die Reformation mit Hilfe der Bibel begründet wird, verweisen sie darauf, dass nur der Papst das Recht hat, die Bibel endgültig auszulegen. 3. Soll zu Auslegungszwecken oder Reformationsbemühungen ein Konzil einberufen werden, wird darauf verwiesen, dass nur der Papst das Recht dazu besitze. Damit stehe der Papst über dem Konzil.
Außerdem schlägt Luther in der Schrift ein politisches Reformprogramm vor. So soll Bildung allen zugänglich sein, nicht nur dem Klerus. Der Zölibat und der Kirchenstaat sollen abgeschafft, das Zinsnehmen eingeschränkt und das Betteln verboten werden. Dafür soll es eine geregelte Armenfürsorge geben.
Luthers diesbezügliche Ansichten beendeten den Gegensatz von Staat und Kirche, der das Mittelalter geprägt hatte; die Fürsten wurden zu uneingeschränkten Beherrschern der neuen Staatskirchen. Erst 1918 endete dieser Zustand in Deutschland.

“The the Christian nobility

To the Christian nobility of the German nation on the improving of the Christian condition/class

With this noble script Luther addresses in German language the secular princes, to whom he delivers the realization of the Reform's instructions, because in that duty the bishops – in his opinion – failed.


The opinion of Luther related to that closed the contrast between the state and the church, a contrast that shaped the Middle Age; the princes became absolute lords of the new state churches. Only in 1918 ended this condition in Germany.


The denial of the freedom to operate for the arrogance of Rome and the building of an absolute obstacle for her evil designs needs of men with bollocks, not with democracy:

(A short observation. Venice as refugee for the persecuted ones of Europe? Strange, it seems that brother Primož Trubar, persecuted by Rome in the bordering Carniola, was not aware of such Venetian hospitality, and preferred to fled in the Homeland of the Tyrannies, Germany. Even if he was introduced to the heresy by a very important bishop of the church of Rome... )

(**) The excerpts come from the page whose upgrade is dated 6th February (“Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 6. Februar 2010 um 12:08 Uhr geändert.”) at the address:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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