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20th February, birthday of Yugoslavia

“....But it is especially around the conflict between Catholics and Orthodoxies, born from the Eastern Schism (1054), that is revolving the endless spiral of violence of the Balkans, of which the recent war of Kosovo can be considered the bitter ending. The "thorn in one's side" for the Catholics has been always the Serbian ethnic group, of Orthodox religion, who for more time tried to prevail in the region, putting at risk the existence of the Croats and hence of the Catholic religion.

Not for a case the Vatican has always considered Croatia, since the era of the Austro-Hungarian empire, "the last bulwark" of Catholicism against the advancing of the Orthodox religion......


In its turn the Central Empires (Austria-Germany) always cultivated aims of conquest towards the Serbia, which was putting a serious obstacle against the pan-germanic plan of expansion towards Eastern and towards the Arab countries, represented by the famous railroad project Berlin-Baghdad.

It was just existing a natural convergence of interests on the Serbian-Croat territory, between Vatican and Austria-Germany, since the age of the Hapsburg.....”

(Quotes from Luogocomune of Massimo Mazzucco ($))

If there’s a concept well rooted in the both profane and academic culture, this is the ascertainment of the anti-German and anti-Austrian nature of the same idea at the basis of a “common state for the Slavs of the South”, alias of the Yugoslavia. The concept of an independent state embracing Slav population, some of them for centuries under a German domination, and creating a wall of ethnic mangrove impenetrable for the modern descendants of that old famous and never-built Berlin-Baghdad rail road line, became soon a material image producing a cascade of low ideological sub-products in the minds excited by ideology.
The political and ideological discussion were so foreseeable that the implications descended from the presumptions with more punctuality than the physiological effects following a glass of coke after having eaten a yoghurt. The boredom was not waiting too much time before to assault me. There were only the episodes of real-life to lavish interest to those ideological diatribes.
Evidently it existed a greater ideological context embracing the unaware minds of the participants in such discussions, an invisible ideological context that was quite controlling, like a mechanical logical machine, also opposed political creeds. Perhaps today it is possible to trace the origin of such a logical machine in the eighteen century's rooms of the Vatican.

The Propaganda Fide had to elaborate some ideological tricks in order to disguise and hide the true finality of the creation of a “common homeland of the Balkans Slavs”, for which the Vatican and the Jesuits were seriously engaged at least since the middle of the XIX century (*). Those ideological tricks, still today, when Rome is just putting his claws on that fabulous plunder consisting in the Schismatic Christian world, are infesting with an astounding tenaciousness every corner of the cultural, ideological, intellectual, or religious field where the theme “history of the Balkans” is dealt.

The designs Rome had in mind for the Protestantism and for the Schismatics have been keenly exchanged through those common daily ideological glasses purposely built with a religious cross-eyed optics. Rome wants the radical destruction of Protestantism because Protestantism is defined as denial – not as difference - of the same theological legitimacy of the church of Rome. But as regard the Schismatic Christendom, Rome wants to hardly hit the Orthodox churches, to heavily punish the Schismatics in order to weaken their religious strengthen, but not to entirely annihilate them. Rome wants to devour and to metabolize them in Roman Catholic fat, whose weight will help the Vatican to definitively squeeze not only the most hated adversary, the descendants of Martin Luther theology, but also any other competitor on the scene. The simple trick of the Propaganda Fide , consists in to expose the actual and future annihilating project intended for the Protestant enemy under the cultural costume of an unrepeatable event of the past, aimed against the Schismatic target.

Those glasses, like the old Ray-bans, are very common all along the usual ideological horizon. You can purchase a pair of them almost in every cultural or ideological tourist village which welcomes the bored westerner who is searching excitement with cheap conspiracy information. A part the official information where they are almost an oblige, you can find them from common 'alternative' sources of information like the one of Massimo Mazzucco who exposes the “Zionist Neocon” as “true masterminds” of 911, to other few but famous sources of information which, at the opposite, are exposing the 911 as “product of the Jesuit NWO”. Such a diffusion witnesses the excellence of those glasses, whose better value is consisting in to render cross-eyed a person meanwhile at the same time he is convinced to have acquired the sight of a Condor.....

If the same usual official academic information is telling to you that with the pontificate of Leo XIII's successor the papacy should “boldly embark upon the troubled waters of European diplomacy, seeking alliances and taking desperate risks upon the fortune in the next war” (**), well, the possibility of misunderstanding, even opportunistic misunderstanding, are decisively very low. All along the second half of the XIX century you have a continue boiling where the true poor lobster which was cooked alive in the Eurasian pot, surely was not that “Vatican diplomacy”, but just that Drei Kaiser Agreement. Under that pot the bold initiative of the Jesuit order and of its religious disguise, the Vatican, were keeping high the flames, feeding them with the thirsty of revenge of some European subjects against those Central empires.

The same events leading in 1878 to the Russian consent for the Austrian occupation of Bosnia Herzegovina, witness the easiness with which a fourth actor could have successful worked to put enmity between those Drei Kaisers. The first fruits of that “bold embarking” of the Leo XIII's successor (but truly of Leo XIII the same!) foreign diplomacy, could be represented by its reflex, that slowly increasing competition and even enmity between Schismatic Russia and the Imperial-Protestant dynasties of Central Europe/Amber Path. The approach of the Jesuit-Masonic French empire to Moscow was surely not a present of God to the Vatican, but just a fruit of that obsessive ambitious and shameless new Vatican diplomacy.

When the possibility of coming back for that horrible Triple Nightmare Agreement went definitively averted with the ceasefire of 1918, it was the global Eurasian new ideological and political context to assure the necessary freezing of the very unstable and mobile religious battlefield exited from WWI. Before: Bolshevism, Fascism and National Socialism; then: the ideological clash of the Cold War Hoax. They simply were the secular, not religious forms of dynamic ecumenism, which were assembling together and/or separating millions if not billions of individuals, to build the giant chess of a world ideological game. Following the desire of Rome, the game was keeping paralysed the principal forces of the society. Like a Glacial Age, which paralysed the world hibernating the religious question (making it appear as definitively dead). That age is known under the Propaganda Fide label of “Century of the Ideologies” (***).

Hence the Yugoslavia was not built to stop the “German-Austrian-Vatican imperialism”. At the opposite, the “German-Austrian imperialism” and “expansionism” on the Balkans were not only the answers to a diplomacy of encircling and isolation putted at work by Rome, but also the obliged reflex of defence against the open and without scruples new Vatican policy of subversion of the old European religious and temporal order. Putting the claws on the religious coffer of the Balkans, the Robber of the 7 Hills started to purposely disseminate the wind of the enmity among those Three Emperors, an irreplaceable step to transform then the Amber Path and the Balkans in that “Cemetery for the religious enemies of Rome” as it is well renowned today.
Every day the Vatican widow spiritually enters in that cemetery to visit the grave of the Hapsburg and to give a look to the ones of the Hohenzollern and Romanov. Of course not to cry 'em, but to be sure that they shall never come back.

Here an excerpt from the book “Il papato e l'impero” (“the papacy and the empire” (§)), the author of the chapter from where it has been taken is Rita Tolomeo; the text at the beginning refers to the scenario in Eurasia after the Berlin congress in 1878 avoided war between Russia and Austria:

Also the political picture appeared deeply changed: Russia, the winner on the field and creator of a great Bulgaria with the Saint Stephan peace, came out as loser on the diplomatic level, but notwithstanding that she was not disposed to renounce to her role of defender of the Orthodox Christians; the Catholic France was still feeling the defeat suffered at Sedan and in consequence she was remaining absent from an area which for centuries respected her under the dresses of protector of the Catholics; the Germany of Bismarck was seeing the recognition of her role of great economical and political power which was having in the South East of Europe its natural market for the proper flourishing economy. Also on the desk of saint Peter was sitting since 20 February 1878 a new pontiff, Leo XIII, in the world Gioacchino Pecci, whose arrival would have signed the beginning of a new phase in the relations with the Christendom of the East, marked by a search of direct relations and by a greater reciprocal consideration; on the political level his pontificate would have known a new opening towards the Ottoman Turkey which, in the east was embracing Catholic communities of different rites, and would have favored the coming back on the eastern religious scene of the France and her approach to the Russia.

The improving of the religious conditions of such communities, the establishing of Catholic hierarchies also in the states of recent independence, the conversion of the “dissidents”, the re-unification of the separated brothers, were, since the beginning of his long pontificate, some of the chief cares of Leo XIII. To the relation with the Christian East he dedicated a great number of encyclical, apostolic letters, addresses and speeches affirming many times to work in the hope to join it to himself “with the lasting tie of the concord”. The encyclical Grande munus christiani nominis propagandi by him issued on the 30th September 1880, which was celebrating the mission carried out by the two saint apostles of the Slavs, Cyril and Methodius and was proclaiming them saints of the Universal church, aroused great expectations by the united Christians who wanted to demonstrate their enthusiastic assent with a pilgrimage to Rome. The manifestation, which took place in July 1881 and saw the participation of one thousand and four hundreds Slavs of the double monarchy, was directed by the bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, one of the most tough promoters of the re-approaching between the churches in the XIX century, as decisive moment for the obtaining of the political union of the southern Slavs.

XIII, Leo:

Celebrating the end of the schism with Iranian SA300

Charitable Pirañas over the Balkans

The “Drei Freddy Krueger” populating the sleeps of Leo XIII


Leo XIII - XIII Dec 1942 - XIII Dec 2009:


($) Excerpts translated from the page:
“.....Ma è soprattutto attorno al conflitto fra cattolici e ortodossi, nato dallo Scisma d'Oriente (1054), che ruota l'interminabile spirale di violenza dei Balcani, di cui la recente guerra del Kosovo (1991) si può considerare l'amaro epilogo. La "spina nel fianco" per i cattolici è sempre stata l'etnia serba, di religione ortodossa, che ha più volte cercato di prendere il sopravvento nella regione, mettendo a rischio la sussistenza dei croati, e quindi della religione cattolica.
Non a caso il Vaticano ha sempre considerato la Croazia, fin dai tempi dell'Impero Austro-Ungarico, "l'ultimo baluardo" cattolico contro l'avanzata della religione ortodossa.
A sua volta gli Imperi Centrali (Austria-Germania) hanno sempre coltivato mire di conquista verso la Serbia, che poneva un serio ostacolo al piano pan-germanico di espansione verso oriente ed i paesi arabi, rappresentato dal famoso progetto ferroviario Berlino-Baghdad.
Esisteva quindi già una naturale convergenza di interessi sul territorio serbo-croato, fra Vaticano e Austria-Germania, sin dal tempo degli Asburgo.....”.
I omitted other excerpts in the middle, for example the quote of mons. Stepinac, even more interesting, who told – revealing those glasses – that the “Schism is nearly worst than the Protestantism”.... Or: exchanging the roles to confuse the minds.

(*) Sunday, May 17, 2009 "Anton the Jesuit"
"Slovenian Jesuit priest Anton Korošec, prime minister of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians in 1928-1929
One of the most important key figures in the Vatican and Jesuits’ Balkan and North Adriatic plots was the Slovenian Jesuit priest Anton Korošec. Born in 1872 and died in 1940, the S.J. Anton Korošec soon became a leader of the Slovenian nationalists. He was consecrated Jesuit priest of Rome in 1895 in the city of Graz/Gradec. When the Hapsburg empire was still existing, he was keenly using the request of an independent national state for the Slovenians to melt it inside a larger federal state including all the s.c. “South Slavic” nations, hence Croatia and Serbia. In 1917 he became the president of the Slovenska ljudska stranka (Slovenian Popular party), the once “CDU” or “Christian Democratic” party of Slovenia.............”

(**) See again Douglas Willinger's Continuing Counter Reformation blog - Thursday, October 11, 2007 "The New York Times On the Papacy and Cardinal Mieczyslaw Ledochowski":
“.....If we assume that this spirited and resolute prelate will shortly be ruling the Church through its nominal head, it becomes a most anxious question how he will accept the existing political conditions of Europe which have so radically changed since 1875. The new rulers of the Germans have been at pains to show their desire to abolish the last traces of the Kulterkampf. When the pending Prussian Education bill is passed, the German Catholics will be actually stronger than they were before the May laws. During the last half year these dispatches have frequently reflected the new interest which William and his immediate entourage are displaying in the Polish question. Of course a good deal of this has arisen naturally from the contemplation of the necessity of sooner or later fighting Russia: but even more it represents the effort to allure Ledochowski into friendship with Germany by an appeal to his national sentiment. How far this has succeeded will be, as has been said, a most anxious question.
In any event under this new regime there would be an abrupt cessation of pastorals on Socialistic and labor problems and of poems about St. Thomas Aquinas. We should instead see the Vatican boldly embark upon the troubled waters of European diplomacy, seeking alliances and taking desperate risks upon the fortune in the next war.......”

(***) So it is not a casual coincidence the theological sign of both the Global Warming and of the 2012 end-of-the-world with its Solar cult, especially if we compare them with the probable epilogue of the religious war of Rome against the world. Is the metaphorical allusion to the “increasing heat melting the ice” only the emotive allegorical introduction for the near end of that long historical parenthesis (an opportune tactic disguise) named “Modern World” of which the “Century of the Ideologies” was the ending phase? So was really able the Counter Reformation, after five centuries of asymmetric total war, to take back the world to the Middle Age? To the before-Luther and anti-Luther Vatican Middle Age? If we see the religious sign with which the date 12-21-2012 has been charged:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 "Wlodimir Ledochowski 12-21-2012 'Day of Redemption'?!":
“.....Other names Włodzimierz Ledóchowski Born 1866 Location Sitzenthal in Loosdorf, near St. Pölten (Lower Austria) Bloodline
Married No Children No Position Superior General (1915-1942)
Source of Facts and Important Announcement
Status Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.
Date of formal Beatification Day of Redemption UCA[E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1] also known as Fri, 21 Dec 2012.....”
… is evident that the epochal melting of the ideological ice freezing the religious question we are observing today, has its parallel twin in the “melting of the Poles' ice” by the Global warming. In this case all those abundant production of motion pictures and various media entertainment material on the prehistoric ages with their dinosaurs is not limited to a question of profit of the film industry, but a question to introduce a true religious epochal changing first in the minds and souls of people and then (Ho Chi Minh docet) in the true material battlefield. “Jurassik Park” and “Ice Age” films are even funny (especially the last series “Ice Age”). But you can have more fun trying to de-crypt the allegorical theology of the “coming back of the old monsters” applying what you learned in this message. A further confirmation that the theme of Hollywood's motion pictures is in relation with the triumph of the Counter Reformation war of the Jesuit order, is given by the ascertainment that Hollywood is not in the hands of the Jews (as Rome wants you to think), but of those bishops who are the true masterminds of the Mafia in America:

Remembering Tony Gambino by Greg Szymanski
“...........“My grandfather was Lucky Luciano so I had it made,” said Gambino, now 63 and living on the East Coast with a probation stipulation that he can’t associate or talk with any organized crime figures. “Lucky had all the politicians and even the Vatican heads in his pocket. He was making $55 to $100 million a week and when Vegas opened the money really started to roll in.
“He got Frank Sinatra and many others like Marylin Monroe, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis started in Hollywood. He then would take a percentage of their earnings and this went on for their entire careers.
“Remember, the horse’s head being cut-off in Godfather I and then put in the Hollywood producer’s bed? That really happened and it had to do with forcing a Hollywood producer to star Sinatra in one of his movies.”.......”.

(§) “Il papato e l'impero” edited by Rubbettino publising house; different contributions from various authors assembled by Gabriele de Rosa and Giorgio Cracco. This is a common work of historians on the history of the papacy in various ages. It is not a work of “insiders”, it simply contains common knowledge which is material of usual studies in the university and academies. Of course history is heavily monopolized by Rome. And it is not sure that we always shall benefit from these common sources without to see 'em heavily manipulated by the religious censorship of Rome. Her censorship hides itself always under an “ideological alibi”, of left or of right wing political creed. See the last efforts to build other legions of intellectuals dealing with the vital question of the Holocaust – is the rehabilitation of the Roman Catholic corporal of Austria near?
Friday, February 19, 2010 "Ledochowski Holocaust Morality & Complicity":
“.....The Committee on Church Relations and the Holocaust (CRC) of the United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum announces a seminar for professors of theology,
ethics, and religion at theological schools and other institutions of advanced
education. Applications from interested professors from other disciplines will
be considered.....”.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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