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With no less naturalness than the worms

Or "on how Rome inflicted the last stab to the greatest son Germany (Amber Path West) ever had: Martin Luther".

Perhaps there are many other reasons which led to a long survival of Vatican Rudolph Hess, well after end of WWII. All these reasons could be and are used to hide the most important finality of that coreographed drama that was his life.

The most important reason was his original official and formal religious formation and appartenance:

"Kindheit und Jugend

Rudolf Walter Richard Heß wurde am 26. April 1894 in Alexandria in Ägypten in eine Kaufmannsfamilie mit großer Tradition, die aus dem fränkischen Fichtelgebirge stammt, geboren. Sein Vater war der in Triest gebürtige deutsche Großkaufmann Johann Fritz Heß, dessen Familie aus Wunsiedel stammt, seine Mutter Klara (geb. Münch) ebenfalls eine fränkische Kaufmannstochter. Rudolf Heß wuchs in Alexandria, wo er die deutsche Schule besuchte, und in Reicholdsgrün (heute zu Kirchenlamitz Landkreis Wunsiedel) auf. 1908 wurde er zu seiner Gymnasialausbildung in ein evangelisches Internat (Otto-Kühne-Schule) in Bad Godesberg bei Bonn geschickt...."
Rudolph Hess was formally belonging to those Christians who refuse to recognize the papacy of Rome as true representative of Christ on earth and should consider it the manifestation of the actual – not future – Antichrist, accordingly with the Lutheran interpretation of the Apocalipse.

It is not a mystery the destiny of this man. The secret flight in England, the capture or betrayal, and the long detention in the after war period, transformed him in a mythos for all the National Socialists.

But what was the true purpose of a very troubled life controlled by shadowed masters? If we look at the true religious significance of the drama “fall of Germany”, we can only find behind his destiny a Jesuit hand building a Roman Catholic Ecumenical martyr.

The reason for which the Jesuit order, headed by 26th General superior Wladimir Ledochowsky (the fourth most important general of the society since the foundation), choose a Roman Catholic Austrian as charismatic dictator of Germany, were lying not only in the trustfulness of that corporal. Surely he had to be an Austrian because the Germans had to be trained - through a traumatic war – and learnded that only an external leader would have finally represented them all united over any kind of distinction. Germans alone could have never created the 'miracle' of a Third Reich, a miracle possible only with an Austrian. And this charismatic dictator had to be a trustful man of the papacy, because the Germans had to be instructed that only under the Roman Catholic patronage they could have finally reached that ecumenical unity against religious enmities which divided them for centuries. The appalling destruction of Germany would have strenghtened the Germans in the conviction that a Roman Catholic ecumenical Germany named “Third Reich” was the only true Germany. The proof of that was the hate and violence then instigated against the Roman Catholic leader of Germany and the consequent martyrdom of the nation.

Of course, for a religious coincidence, only the Protestant side of that Ecumenical Germany really died in that war. The Roman Catholic side, 'miraculously', survived and could then present its happy fate as a sign of a sort of “predestination”. Probably the same one praised by the Calvinist component of that ecumenical Switzerland, a country whose banks – meanwhile the Germany of Luther was burning at the stake, were hardly working and fattening.

The same “predestination” of course, punished the Protestant side of that Roman Catholic headed Ecumenical Germany. Lutheran Prussia has been exterminated also from the academical and cultural memory, replaced by another “P” - the one of Islamic Palestina - on the every day global reality show of the media.
(And not for an ecumenical coincidence we have also here the “double P” or “P2”, an acronym related to the “X” and “P” dreamed by the infamous Constantine – the sign of the organization controlling that Silvio Berlusconi which participates to Venetian marriages - see (*)).

It is so not a mystery the fate of Rudolph Hess. He incarnated the dramatical figure of the repented Protestant who knelt in front of the church of Rome, giving his life and his soul to the secular governor of Rome coming from Austria. His martyrdom is exemplar and has to witness, to every heretic, Protestant, not submitted to Rome Christian, that the true persecuted ones are the “heretics who repent and join again the mother church, and are paying for that”.

If you would realize it, you'll find a tremendous ingenuity behind a sentence, probably suggested to Rudoph by some Jesuit chaplain of the prison were he was detained. The Vatican man had to play a last, expected and banal theatrical role for his Jesuit masters, in the Nuremberg trial, before to be transformed in a martyr. His famous sentence: “I am honored to have worked and served the greatest son of Germany in the last 1,000 years”, exited from his mouth with no less naturalness than the worms of the flies are exiting from a chariot when there's no more rotten flesh to eat. Those worms were the worms of Rome and that corpse was the dead body of Germany. Putting a miserable man, Hitler, who, in 1919 was begging the money directly from the hands of a future pope - Pacelli, over the giant figure of Luther, and gaining for him the admiration of many Germans, this was a the true final religious stab of the Counter Reformation to kill the Reform, Germany and Amber Path.

Thursday, July 02, 2009: ".....P-bye P-bye......cretins...."

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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