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From Lacota to Steinbach - is Rome again quartering Amber Path?

The material you see on my blogs is only a part of that collections of projects, ideas, rough drafts I produce. I can't post everything because I have not the time for it. Like the Continuing Counter Reformation researches of Douglas Willinger (to whom this blog referres and is a supporter), this is an unexplored field. You don't have material on the web about Amber Path South so I have to create the material. But Rome is not so happy. She hopes I leave the field to someone of her trustful soldier. Maybe with the help of a truck, like the one which grazed me this morning, at 50 mph.

In the month of November, a polemic started in Germany:


and quoted in:

Mr. Westerwelle, head of Ms. Merkel's governing partner, the Free Democratic Party, vowed to veto an effort by the lobby's leader, Erika Steinbach, to join the board of a planned state museum about the expulsions, saying her appointment would jeopardize reconciliation with Poland.
Significantly Massimiliano Lacota the head of the European Union of Expellees was presiding three months before the reconciliation between Poland an Ukraine on the long lasting question of the Polish and Ukrainan expellees mutually created by the two nations eighty years ago:


INVITATION TO THE EUFV The General council of the European Union of Expellees (EUFV) met in a full time council on first August in Hamburg. The most important subject of the meeting was the activity of the Union in Strasbourg and Bruxelles for the incoming months. The measure of the increasing acceptance fort he EUFV is demonstrated by an invitation of the Polish state president Lech Kaczynski to the General secretary of EUFV, the Italian lawyer man Massimiliano Lacota, to participate to an Ukrainan-Polish commemoration rally to be held on 8/9 September in South East of Poland. The meeting, to which also the Ukrainan president Juschtschenko participates, is aimed to a further reconciliation of Poland with Ukraine. In the twentieth century the relations between both countries were very strained, because Poland in 1919 moved the borders well over the language borders towards East, an action that later led to mutual violence and expulsiosn on both sides: Polish people were constrained to abandon the Western Ukrainian metropole of Lemberg, were they lived since generations, meanwhile Ukrainian people, who were living to the west of today’s border, were expelled inside Poland between April and July 1947 in the so named “Aktion Weichsel”. Today the reconciliation of both countries is well advanced and Poland is clearly ready, self aware to speak about the unrighteous expulsions of those times – also in the presence of the top leaders of the European Union of Expellees. The discussions took place in the office of the Association of Expellees Ostpreußen in Buchtstraße 4. The president of the General Assembly of EUFV is, since the founding of it, the spokesman of the Association of Expellees of Ostpreußen, Wilhelm v. Gottberg. In front of the PAZ v. Gottberg explained that the activities of EUFV resulted in many countries in a sensible impulse for the local unions of expellees, for example with the Karelians, who besides the cultural work now are stronger engaged in politic. K.B.

And old news suddenly went recalled to new life. On 6th March 2008 the media informed about the intention of the papacy to rehabilitate Martin Luther. Lately the news appeared in the The Unhived Mind forum (*). If the Vatican is going to put definitively the hands on the Preussische Vertriebenen, a good marketing with Luther is necessary to prepare the field. Then some months later, in the sequent October 2008, a supporter of the cause of South German expellees from Sudetenland, died in a mysterious car crash (**). Joerg Haider, for another of those mysterious coincidences, had the “last lunch” with the leaders of Unione degli Istriani, the organization whose president is the same general secretary of European Union of Expelles, Massimiliano Lacota:




11-OCT-08 19:31


(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 11 OTT - “Not only Carinthia and Austria, but the entire Europe loses a political leader with great intuition and charisma, certainly populist but in a positive sense”: it has been affirmed by the president of the Unione degli Istriani Lacota, in relation with the dead of Joerg Haider.

Lacota – informs a note – had lunch yesterday in Klagenfurt with Haider. “He invited me to partecipate to the celebrations in the square in front of the Landhof in occasion of the ricurrency of the 10th October, National Holyday of Carinthia, in quality of president of Unione degli Istriani and as general secretary of the European Union of Expellees and Exiles” explains Lacota, who was able also to know the mother of the governor, “arrived in Carinthia from Superior Austria to celebrate today her 90th birthday together the son, who disgracefully is dead”.

Lacota will partecipate to the Haider's funeral in official form and together the representatives of exiles of other European nations. (ANSA).

HOMELAND AND LIBERTY HISTORICAL AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL STUDIES CENTRE pay tribute to the Governor of Carinthia JOERG HAIDER, and drapes in black the Italian flag.

With Haider an European political high level man falls, a impassioned exponent of the Mitteleuropean civilization, a great Austrian patriot, friend of Italy and of the Italians, of the Friulans, of the Istrians, Giulians, Fiumans and Dalmatans.


After the Haider’s death, with the first months of the new years, an increase of events and rallies involving memories of WWII and post WWII tragedies followed and captured the whole attention of the media in the province of Trieste – facts which, except for official commemorations, never reached the national media even if they are something dealing with the events at the basis of contemporary Italian story. In January 2009 the Day for the remembrance of the Holocaust was followed by the commemoration of the Italian victims of Tito’s Liberation army on an alleged site of mass burial (“Foiba di Basovizza” monument), located in the Italian territory near the border with Slovenia. Some weeks after an aggressive raid of the Unione degli Istriani and its president Massimiliano Lacota in the near Slovenia scandalized the bordering country. Have you present a day your neighbor invading your garden, putting flowers in a corner of it claiming there are buried the rests of a massacre? Without before to warn the police? Or whatever authority? The day after two electoral victories were marking with an explicit sign all those events: the party of r.i.p. Haider won the regional elections in Austria meanwhile in Italy Gustavo Raffi was again elected boss of Grande Oriente d’Italia. Just some weeks before, Raffi held an important electoral Masonic meeting in the seat of the Grande Oriente d’Italia in Trieste. The seat is some tens of metres far away from the seat of Unione degli Istriani. If you didn’t notice before such a link, give a look to my “Novo Ordo Seclorum” blog before they terminate it and me (***). The day after, after both elections in Austria and Italy, in Slovenia it went discovered the mass grave of some hundreds of alleged Slovenian collaborationists. Tell me all that is a not-wanted coincidence and I’ll pass away without to salute you. The Foiba of Basovizza mass grave, even if it is located in Italian territory and not in the North Korea of Kim Yong-il, has not yet been inquired like that mass grave in Slovenia. The alleged grave of Basovizza/Bazovica is waiting an Italian magistrate to inquiry about its alleged sad content since at least the departure of the allies, in 1954. Some thousands of civilian massacred are waiting for over fifty years to be investigated. Meanwhile in Srebrenica, in Teharje, in Rwanda, all around the world the U.N. is doing the best efforts to spectacularize the principle: “crime wars never expire!”.

Title and undertitle (from the daily "Il Piccolo di Trieste" 13th October 2008):

"Haider, he was running at a speed of 140 kph: died suddenly
But his supporters insist: plot. The last lunch with the Unione degli Istriani"

But it seems that the lawyer man, so expert in Italian civil and penal laws, Irredentist and Roman Catholic Massimiliano Lacota president of Unione degli Istriani and general secretary of EUFV, doesn’t care about this little particular which is signing the Italian state as a state in compliance with a crime war an the past perpetrators of it. Persecution of crime wars never expires, evidently Italy is a rough state. Or the Vatican controllers of it have their evident convenience to speculate on the past tragedies in order to build on them their new Vatican European empire.

Are all those events part of a plan leading to a precise result?

A point of the above quoted article referred to the intervention of Lacota at the Polish-Ukrainan rally, explains a darkened point in the today policy of exploiting the Expellees question: “The meeting, to which also the Ukrainan president Juschtschenko will participate, is aimed to a further reconciliation of Poland with Ukraine” is saying us that what doesn’t value for the Amber Path south can value for other zone of Amber Path. Meanwhile the president of Unione degli Istriani and EUFV is participating to peaceful meeting between two countries ‘normalized’ by the past Counter Reformation war, he shows an opposite attitude towards the bordering country of Slovenia. He and his organization, thanks the fall of the borders, are doing aggressive provocative raids whose clear intention is to arise an hard reaction of defence by the Slovenians. The Karst highland is shaped by a countless sequence of natural holes and caves. “Every hole = hundreds of Italian civilians murdered and there buried” is the easy equation of the Romish-Masonic masters of Lacota.

The other point “…because Poland in 1919 moved the borders well over the language borders towards East, an action that later led to mutual violence and expulsion on both sides of the borders” is in contradiction with the material actions of the Unione degli Istriani as regards the question of the ethnic composition of Istria and Coastal region of Illyria. Again the above sentence recalls to us that the same consideration doesn’t value for the Primorje/Adriatic coastal region in Amber Path south. Here the Roman Catholics of Italy and Slovenia have not to get an appeasement as it is claimed to happen among Poland and Ukraina in the North. Also here, like in the North, the Italian state, after 1918 (and also after 1866) moved towards East well over the language borders. The not-Italians of the newly conquered zones were oppressed with violence because the borders of Italy after the first World War moved over the language border and annexed also not Italian lands. But as here ends Amber Path and that “Protestant corridor” - the nightmare of Rome, the appeasement between both parts is an obstacle for the new European Vatican empire.

Some years ago you could read on the facade of Unione degli Istriani seat in Trieste a slogan about the expulsion of the Italians from Istria, considered a “genocide of the population of Istria”. This is a very fine Jesuitical slogan to commit a further genocide. With that statement the other ethnic components of Istria have been literally cancelled. If the Italians were submitted to a genocide, that sentence implies that the Italians were the only inhabitants of Istria. Why so to continue turning victims against victims?

Haider is gone and the Expellees from Sudeten have not a front man to represent them. The question of the expulsions of the Italians from Istria and Dalamatia remains not only unsolved, but even more explosive after the aggressive actions of Lacota's Unione degli Istriani. At the same time both Slovane countries of Amber Path North and West are led to an appeasament. And all the actors of this comedy are devouted to the pope. The Vatican continue to use the "Pangermanism vs Panslavism" clash to quarter Amber Path and to complete the Continuing Counter Reformation war in Europe.

Ethnical composition of Istria and Coastal region/Primorje/Adriatische Kuestenland (Amber Path South) by a work of the well-known Italian Irredentist Cesare Battisti (who was also a geographer), Austrian citizen then deserter of the Austrian Hapsburg imperial army, then captured and comdemned to death by the Austrian martial law court. Situation at 31st December 1900. The legend shows many tones related to the ethnic composition of the Coastal area, tones summoned in three principal colours referred to the respectively Italian ethnic predominance (pink), Croatian ethnic predominance (green) and Slovenian ethnic predominance (yellow). The white area of course are entirely Italian to the west, and Croatian/Slovenian to the east. The map has been reported on the back cover of the book "Esuli a Trieste"/"Exiles in Trieste" of Sandi Volk - publishing house Kappa Vu:

......and here a map showing the principal borders which followed one after another in 100 years of bloody history of Amber Path South. The most eastern border was conquered by Savoy reign of Italy in 1918 and was 'lost' in 1947, after having for ever putted the basis of the hate among Amber Path south populations. Remember that not only 250,000 Italians were expelled (official number of Italian government in the fifties - part of them epelled especially by the economical crisis and part of them was even not Italian); during the Fascist occupation of the Slovenian and Croatian lands it is extimated that a number of 70,000 not-Italians fled away from the violence of Mussolini taking refugee in the monarchic Yugoslavia - these ones went never recognized. Was the expulsion of the Italians also an expedient to shadow the other previous ethnic cleansing? “…because Poland in 1919 moved the borders well over the language borders towards East, an action that later led to mutual violence and expulsion on both sides of the borders”.........:

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(*) That Martin Luther?, He wasn’t so bad, says Pope:

(**) (Nazi) Rebel Without a Cause

(***) "The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 1 Part one ":
"The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum - 2":

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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With no less naturalness than the worms

Or "on how Rome inflicted the last stab to the greatest son Germany (Amber Path West) ever had: Martin Luther".

Perhaps there are many other reasons which led to a long survival of Vatican Rudolph Hess, well after end of WWII. All these reasons could be and are used to hide the most important finality of that coreographed drama that was his life.

The most important reason was his original official and formal religious formation and appartenance:

"Kindheit und Jugend

Rudolf Walter Richard Heß wurde am 26. April 1894 in Alexandria in Ägypten in eine Kaufmannsfamilie mit großer Tradition, die aus dem fränkischen Fichtelgebirge stammt, geboren. Sein Vater war der in Triest gebürtige deutsche Großkaufmann Johann Fritz Heß, dessen Familie aus Wunsiedel stammt, seine Mutter Klara (geb. Münch) ebenfalls eine fränkische Kaufmannstochter. Rudolf Heß wuchs in Alexandria, wo er die deutsche Schule besuchte, und in Reicholdsgrün (heute zu Kirchenlamitz Landkreis Wunsiedel) auf. 1908 wurde er zu seiner Gymnasialausbildung in ein evangelisches Internat (Otto-Kühne-Schule) in Bad Godesberg bei Bonn geschickt...."
Rudolph Hess was formally belonging to those Christians who refuse to recognize the papacy of Rome as true representative of Christ on earth and should consider it the manifestation of the actual – not future – Antichrist, accordingly with the Lutheran interpretation of the Apocalipse.

It is not a mystery the destiny of this man. The secret flight in England, the capture or betrayal, and the long detention in the after war period, transformed him in a mythos for all the National Socialists.

But what was the true purpose of a very troubled life controlled by shadowed masters? If we look at the true religious significance of the drama “fall of Germany”, we can only find behind his destiny a Jesuit hand building a Roman Catholic Ecumenical martyr.

The reason for which the Jesuit order, headed by 26th General superior Wladimir Ledochowsky (the fourth most important general of the society since the foundation), choose a Roman Catholic Austrian as charismatic dictator of Germany, were lying not only in the trustfulness of that corporal. Surely he had to be an Austrian because the Germans had to be trained - through a traumatic war – and learnded that only an external leader would have finally represented them all united over any kind of distinction. Germans alone could have never created the 'miracle' of a Third Reich, a miracle possible only with an Austrian. And this charismatic dictator had to be a trustful man of the papacy, because the Germans had to be instructed that only under the Roman Catholic patronage they could have finally reached that ecumenical unity against religious enmities which divided them for centuries. The appalling destruction of Germany would have strenghtened the Germans in the conviction that a Roman Catholic ecumenical Germany named “Third Reich” was the only true Germany. The proof of that was the hate and violence then instigated against the Roman Catholic leader of Germany and the consequent martyrdom of the nation.

Of course, for a religious coincidence, only the Protestant side of that Ecumenical Germany really died in that war. The Roman Catholic side, 'miraculously', survived and could then present its happy fate as a sign of a sort of “predestination”. Probably the same one praised by the Calvinist component of that ecumenical Switzerland, a country whose banks – meanwhile the Germany of Luther was burning at the stake, were hardly working and fattening.

The same “predestination” of course, punished the Protestant side of that Roman Catholic headed Ecumenical Germany. Lutheran Prussia has been exterminated also from the academical and cultural memory, replaced by another “P” - the one of Islamic Palestina - on the every day global reality show of the media.
(And not for an ecumenical coincidence we have also here the “double P” or “P2”, an acronym related to the “X” and “P” dreamed by the infamous Constantine – the sign of the organization controlling that Silvio Berlusconi which participates to Venetian marriages - see (*)).

It is so not a mystery the fate of Rudolph Hess. He incarnated the dramatical figure of the repented Protestant who knelt in front of the church of Rome, giving his life and his soul to the secular governor of Rome coming from Austria. His martyrdom is exemplar and has to witness, to every heretic, Protestant, not submitted to Rome Christian, that the true persecuted ones are the “heretics who repent and join again the mother church, and are paying for that”.

If you would realize it, you'll find a tremendous ingenuity behind a sentence, probably suggested to Rudoph by some Jesuit chaplain of the prison were he was detained. The Vatican man had to play a last, expected and banal theatrical role for his Jesuit masters, in the Nuremberg trial, before to be transformed in a martyr. His famous sentence: “I am honored to have worked and served the greatest son of Germany in the last 1,000 years”, exited from his mouth with no less naturalness than the worms of the flies are exiting from a chariot when there's no more rotten flesh to eat. Those worms were the worms of Rome and that corpse was the dead body of Germany. Putting a miserable man, Hitler, who, in 1919 was begging the money directly from the hands of a future pope - Pacelli, over the giant figure of Luther, and gaining for him the admiration of many Germans, this was a the true final religious stab of the Counter Reformation to kill the Reform, Germany and Amber Path.

Thursday, July 02, 2009: ".....P-bye P-bye......cretins...."

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)